5 Reasons Why Make Up Is The Best Therapy
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5 Reasons Why Make Up Is The Best Therapy

How the wide world of beauty has opened my eyes.

5 Reasons Why Make Up Is The Best Therapy
Breea Rogalla

The wonderful world of makeup has opened so many doors in my life. I have learned more about myself looking in a mirror putting on eye shadow than I ever did before.

1. The beautiful thing about painting a beautiful masterpiece on your face is that no matter what you do to it, it's still your face.

makeup enhances every natural feature of your face and allows you to hide the flaws you're not so crazy about. Not to mention it's so much fun to do.

2. It's a safe place. It allows you to express yourself and be whoever you want to be.

Makeup opens doors for you to see who you really want to be and who you are on the inside. It allows you to bring out your inner beauty and portray it for the world to see. It's a window to your soul in a way. It opens up your ability to show how beautiful you feel.

3. It shows you that putting in effort does leave you with results.

The coolest thing I've noticed about makeup is it directly shows you how putting in effort shows results. It's a way to motivate yourself. Think about working out at the gym, one hour every day for a month will make you better in the long run, or at least feel better. Makeup works the same way. You take an hour every day to put effort into yourself, and the result is you're happy with how you look for the day.

4. It is, in fact, the most amazing form of art (in my opinion of course)

makeup is all about painting a face on a live canvas. Not only does it move, but it has an opinion, it breathes, its skin changes over time. It's an ever adapting art that takes years to learn and master.

5. It is something that anyone can learn.

Sure it's not easy to master, but in today's society, it's becoming accepted for ANYONE to do makeup. One of my favorite YouTube makeup artists is a guy! (and let me tell you he puts many girls to shame) Makeup is fun, and it's opening up a world where people can connect over something so different. There are no rules in makeup,(thank you Jaclyn Hill for always reminding us) and what's better than expressing yourself in a place that has no limitations?

What could happen if we could see our futures like the world of makeup? No limitations, no rules, and only beauty.

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