5 Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Can't Die

So I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when I stumbled upon a UpRoxx article titled “Reviewing The Evidence That Suggests Daryl Might Die On 'The Walking Dead’”.

I’m not going to lie. My heart skipped a couple beats. Daryl Dixon? Dying? WHAT? The article has some pretty good points (It’s true that Daryl Dixon isn’t an actual character in the comics. It’s also true that he hasn’t played a huge part in the past season), but as a huge fan of TWD (yes I’ve seen every episode), I really can’t accept that to be the case. Thus, I have named 5 reasons why Daryl Dixon has to stick around The Walking Dead.

1. The internet would literally break.

I’m not kidding. Twitter would blow up. Facebook would blow up. TWD would be the talk of the town (well, internet). No one would be able to escape those spoilers and it’s completely debatable whether or not the internet would fully recover.

2. He's the diamond in the rough.

Just look at him! The Top Tens ranked Daryl Dixon as the number one Walking Dead character. There is a total reason for that. Daryl Dixon came onto the show during season 1 as a complete badass, with an I-don’t-give-a-crap attitude. He’s still a badass but everyone knows that deep down Daryl has a heart of gold.

3. He needs to have another meaningful relationship with one of the characters.

Sophia, Carol, Beth… *cue the tears* Daryl can’t leave the show without having another meaningful relationship with someone else on the show. I couldn’t tell you who it should be with….but he needs to have another heart-warming moment on the show.

4. He's way (way) too valuable to the group.

It is safe to say that Daryl Dixon has saved everyone’s life at least once. Think of how many people would be dead if Daryl didn’t come to the rescue. Think of how many people will be dead if he dies on the show!

5. Let's be honest. Our hearts would break.

Tears. Tears would be everywhere. And if this were to ever happen you could probably find my heart in pieces on the floor. Right over there.

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