5 Reasons You Should Start Watching 'The Good Place'

If you haven't seen The Good Place on NBC, then I highly suggest you binge Season 1 on Netflix, and then get up to speed with Season 2 which is airing now. The Good Place, without giving too much away, gives a look into what it would be like in the Good Place and the Bad Place after our time on earth. The Good Place is a comedy tv show starring Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop, who discovers very early on that she definitely doesn't belong in the good place, and Ted Danson as Michael, who is in charge of the Good Place.

1. Four Seemingly Displaced People Who Come Together

A team of four to spend eternity with one another in the Good Place! Nothing could go wrong... right?

2. It Takes The Meaning of Hell (and torture) To A Whole New Hilarious Level

Apparently biting is considered torture.

3. They Get Their Own Janet!

"I am Janet. I'm the informational assistant here in the Good Place."

How cool is that? The Good Place has an informational assistant to help you with literally everything. To bring you things like froyo and video games.

4. It Shines A (Hilarious?) Light On The Trolley Problem

Some insight to the trolley problem, and maybe a not so positive light, but an interesting and funny hellish light. Well... I laughed, so am I going to the Bad Place?

5. They Get Away With Saying The 'F' Word On National TV

Okay, it's not actually the 'F' word, but it basically is because we all get the point.

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