For anyone who has ever done summer classes online, you probably know that you are doing most of the work when you want. While I love being on my own schedule, not having any physical class sessions can bring on a lot more trouble than it is worth. Here's why you should always get a physical class session instead of online classes.

1. You have a reliable way to contact your teachers.

There have been way too many instances when I've emailed teachers to only have them never respond. When you have a class in person, it gives another chance to get in touch with your teachers.

2. You can get immediate feedback.

If you're confused about something and your teacher isn't responding (See #1), you might not be able to get help in time for your assignments and lose points. If you're confused in a physical class, you can ask the teacher, or go to office hours.

3. You always have a set time to learn.

The hardest part of online classes is having to motivate and discipline myself to study. In a physical class, this is less of an issue. You have to show up to class, so at least you're learning something. Even for non-traditional students, this can be an issue.

4. You have deadlines for homework that keep you on track.

I had a class that had no solid deadlines and a lot of homework. While I got everything in on a schedule, creating deadlines for yourself isn't always easy.

5. You can meet other students in the class.

Still confused? Ask another student! You can even make a few friends. College is a great place to start expanding your network.