5 Reasons To Love Autumn
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5 Reasons To Love Autumn

Fall into the best time of year with positive thoughts of whats to come.

5 Reasons To Love Autumn
Heather Marie

I'm one of those people who eagerly awaits this time of year. The changing of the leaves, the cool weather, the ability to wear sweaters again. To me, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Nothing gets me more excited than being able to comfortably wear my favorite pair of jeans and boots and not sweat an actual bucket. Though Chicago falls can sometimes fluctuate, here a few things I look forward too and absolutely soak up during autumn.

1. Sleeping with Windows Open

Theres nothing like being able to snuggle just a little bit deeper into your bed, or under cozy blankets while watching TV or trying to catch some zzz's. I've always been the kind of person who loves to sleep cold, so this time of year is the most exciting for me.

2. Changing Leaves

The ever so cliche favorite of any fall weather is the way that the trees turn to fiery colors. Living so close to the Lake Michigan beaches means getting to see the glorious deep reds, and vibrant oranges whilst also being near the lake. This time of year can also cause the waves to we outrageously large which adds to the beauty of it.

3. Baking

Though most people reserve baking for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I personally love to bake this time of year. It's just cooled down enough to be able to have the oven hot and ready all day without making your house uncomfortably hot. This time of year being able to bake with anything and everything goes hand in hand with all the other autumn vibes for me.

4. Bonfires

I've seen many a bonfire during the summer, but the only real time to appreciate it is now. The warmth from the fire does more than make it feel as if your legs are on fire. It calms the mood, and eating or drinking something hot off the fire is actually enjoyable, rather than adding to the sweltering feels of the summer. Bonfires in the autumn mean being able to stay warm and stay outside and enjoy nature. It's the perfect time to enjoy this ritualistic event.

5. The Great Outdoors

Be it going to a corn maze with your friends, or going pumpkin picking with your family, everything about this time of year screams, "Go Outside!" to me. This is the perfect time of year to wear light clothing and be able to truly enjoy what the earth has to offer. Be it taking a horseback trail ride, or hiking in a nearby forest preserve, national/state park, etc. it's the perfect time to go outside. The summer can be hot, and the winter can be too cold, and the spring can be too rainy, but this time of year never seems to fail.

Above everything, this is the time of year I've always noticed things relax. Students relax into school, parents relax into work without worries, and we all relax back into the routines we're used to. Fall for me is almost like the day after a really great event, this event being the summer, it gives you time to reflect on all the fun you just had while also being able to relax.

This fall don't focus on the Pumpkin Spice Latte's and the horror movies, take a peek at what the earth has to offer. The trees, the calming atmosphere, the cooling weather. So, this autumn, take an extra minute to enjoy a deep breath of fresh autumn air and welcome all the wondrous possibilities to come.

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