1. We deplete and poison the very resources we need to exist

Whether it be our consistent garbage dumping or purposeful water poisoning or even the extraction of dead bodies to build pipelines, human beings are destroying the world around them. By destroying the world around us, as well as our own health, we have put ourselves into a detrimental situation. Resources are becoming scarce as many third world countries are feeling the by-products of first world enjoyment. Although, first world countries are facing their own series of nature depletion, the affects and outright efforts of cuny-capitalism have reaped surrounding lands and people.

There are over 67 tribes currently living within the Rain Forest, an environment which provides over 30% of the world's oxygen is reaped as 80,000 acres everyday are destroyed and replaced with industrialization. Murdering and displacing indigenous tribes, while torching the natural surrounding environment aka. Mother Nature will have damaging long term affects for our global population.

Our current global population is 7.2 billion and growing. (1) Earth’s total resources are only good for 2 billion people at the current demand. Let’s do the math, and it is obvious that the result is a negative.

2. We kill each other

The Holocaust

Iraq War



The Crusades

John Wayne Gayce

Salem Witch Trials


The Gulf War


Human Trafficking

The French-Indian War


3. We live an illusion as we consistently hunger to escape reality

Societal constructs, binding economies, and vicious institutions, create a world in which society must follow in order to thrive. The world however is nothing short of delusion, as money, ideologies, and habitual errors have become ingrained within the majority of the population. Hyper-normalization causes the essences of independence and freedom to exist solely within our minds as we lock our shackles, only to dispose of it's only key within a designated box.

We bind ourselves to arrears that solely have meaning within our own psychology, as currency's value has merely been constructed within our minds. The value of money, although fundamental to the construct of the false world we've created, very bluntly holds no such power within the roots of reality. However, society appreciates, chases, and follow falsely instilled values of money.

While following the path of glistening debt, society has followed with strict constructs, often meld by their surroundings and media conditioning. Giving little room for self expression, well-being, and simply living, everyday has become a well-rehearsed, indoctrinated routine.

By continuing our ethical decline, we prove by-products of our higher consciousness are easily ignored and poorly regulated, essentially failing our higher consciousness and ability to thrive, experience, and learn.

46 Current Million Slaves

100 Current Million Homeless People

795 Million are starving

36 Million dying from bacterial disease

2 Million Children being sexually abused

6 Million dying from air pollution

1 in 6 Being raped within their lifetime

1 Species of Human