5 Reasons Why Every Belle Should Purchase A Serengetee

Okay I am obsessed and have been for a while now. So here's the deal.

Serengetee was started in 2012 by two college guys names Ryan and Jeff while they attended semester at sea.

Basically, you get to pick a fabric from around the world and put it on a shirt and wear it all over the place. For the five years this company has been active, they have collected tons of fabrics, money for global organizations, and of course fans. So now it's my job to get even more fans, so I am asking my Belles to look into the company! Here are some reasons why you should check them out.

1. We love our trends.

You might hate to admit it, but we Belles like our clothing trends. From LYM to leggings, and let's not forget about the infamous NorthFace jackets, we've seen it all. I mean I am not saying trends are bad because some of them might actually bring us together as a community, such as the fashionable EMX sweatshirts made by SMDM! Serengetee is so trendy and If you buy one, you'll keep wanting to go back for another. I believe that SMC could soon enough have a wear the world Wednesday around the corner!

2. They help global organizations.

If there is anything Belles are passionate about, it's service. I mean, our dorms have their own local organizations. We also have a ton of service clubs that's many people participate in. When you purchase a Serengetee, part of your profits will go to local artisans or organizations such as Pencils of Promise.

3. Uniqueness

On the outside, many will see our school as too white or too Catholic, but each Belle is her own unique self. We have nurses, scientists, business women, performers, and teachers. We come from all over the world and we each bring something wonderful to our school no matter how small. Every fabric at Serengetee is so unique and beautiful just like a Saint Mary's woman. So check them out!

4. Wanderlust

One of the great parts about SMC is all the travel abroad options we have. So many of us study abroad and some of us even go back for round two. Serengetee puts a huge emphasis on traveling with their nice "Travel More" shirts and their gorgeous Instagram photos. If you follow the founders, you'll get to see all the places they go to get the fabrics. So before you jet off to your semester or year, bring along your Serengetee from the country you're going to!

5. You'll look AMAZING in one

Okay let's admit it, we Belles always look fierce, in pajamas or presentation clothes. Serengetees will always look great on you no matter what item it is. So order your shirt today and strut it out with your fellow Belles. Trust me, you'll look great!

Visit www.serengetee.com and don't forget:

Wear the World, Change the World!

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