Recently I've started a show called Andi Mack. This show is on Disney Channel and is about a young girl whose life is anything but typical. I'm here to give you five reasons as to why every child should watch Andi Mack.

1. Family drama

Every kid can relate to some sort of family drama, even if you're 13. This show is centered around a young girl whose "mom" is really her grandma(Cecilia or Cece) and her "sister" is actually her mom (Rebecca or Bex), crazy right?

Well, Andi's mom and grandma never got along when Cece found out Bex was pregnant, so they kept it a secret from Andi for 13 years. Imagine the pain she felt knowing her whole life had been a lie? Some kid out there can relate and know they aren't alone.

2. No Father Figure

Even though Andi's dad (Bowie) shows up eventually, she didn't really know of her dad until he shows up at their front door one morning before school. To be fair, Bowie wasn't exactly informed that he had a child so this one is all on Bex and not telling either one about each other.

3. Boys Boys Boys

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Andi likes boy (Jonah), boy doesn't like Andi back, but the real thing that's really interesting is that the show, shows you what it's like to be tricked into things you don't wanna do.

Jonah asks Andi to join the frisbee team, Andi doesn't wanna join but does it anyway cause the guy she likes wanted her to. We've all been there, but it is a warning sign to look out for. Never let someone talk you into doing things you clearly don't want to.

4. Stand up for what you believe in

In the first few episodes, Buffy is told to change her hair because some kids were "distracted" by her big, curly hair. First, it's hair. Second...It's still hair. She shouldn't have had to change it for someone(spoiler some kid was lying so it went back to normal).

A few episodes later the dress code is put into place and the students won't stand for it. No one(especially a 13-year-old kid) should ever be told that what they choose to wear is distracting.

5. It's okay to be different

In the most recent episode I've seen, Cyrus comes out as gay to Buffy. Which, is a huge deal for a children's show. It teaches children that what they're feeling is okay and that you have to tell someone. Another huge thing was whenever a child had a panic attack, I haven't reached this episode yet but apparently at the end they play a segment saying that what you're feeling is okay and that mental illness is okay.