As a vegetarian of five years, I've gotten used to the comments made about my diet. However, that doesn't make them any less annoying. Here is a list of five questions to never ask someone on a plant-based diet, unless you really want to piss them off.

1. "But, where do you get your protein?" 

Actually, many plant-based foods are full of protein. Our society is very uneducated about the foods we eat, so it's no wonder that people believe animals are the only source of protein for our diets. Ever heard of broccoli or almonds?

2. "Don't you miss the taste of meat?"

To be completely honest, no. I think eating meat again would make me nauseous. However, there are so many meat alternatives on the market that even if I did, I would be just fine.

3. "So...what do you eat?"

You know there's more to eat in the world than dead animals...right? The foods on my dinner plate are colorful and yours should be too.

4. "Are you going to get mad at me for eating meat in front of you?"

I won't be mad at you. Your diet is your choice, just like my diet is mine. I may not agree with what you're eating, but I'm not going to stop you from making your own decisions.

5. "Do you just eat salads for every meal?"

What? I mean, I love salads. There's no doubt about it. I eat some pretty delicious meals, including ones I can cook on the stove. Not every meal has to be raw fruits and vegetables.

If you're curious about my diet, I completely understand, and I'm willing to educate you on anything you want to know. But some of these questions can get annoying, and honestly, some are just plain ignorant. Don't ridicule my diet, and I won't ridicule yours.

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