5 Quarantine Study Tips To Cure Your Pandemic Procrastination And Ace Your Summer Semester
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5 Quarantine Study Tips To Cure Your Pandemic Procrastination And Ace Your Summer Semester

Even during a global pandemic, grades are still important.

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After the news announced the outbreak of COVID-19, many students were left with uncertainty about how they are supposed to finish their semester. College campuses around the United States were left with no choice other than move to online-instruction. Whether you're in college or not, establishing a study routine takes time and perseverance to master. The biggest difficulty is staying on task for many students, and the apprehension surrounding the virus isn't making things any easier. Switching from in-person learning to online half-way through the semester and for the remainder of summer can be challenging, but here's some tips to get you though it.

1. Create a daily study schedule.

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Organization is key to establish a productive study routine. I used a calendar template on Microsoft Word to plan out my days by adding my lecture times, study times, and breaks. Also, studying daily will help you retain the information without having to review again later on. Plan breaks in between study sessions to refresh your brain and feel free to add in self-care days to keep you sane!

2. Take active notes while reviewing.

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What are active notes? Active note taking is writing notes in a question format. This format will allow you to grasp the concepts effectively and apply them to your answers. Write down true or false, short answer, and multiple choice questions to prepare you for any curve-balls on your exams. Taking notes during an online lecture can be a hassle, but it will keep you engaged in class.

3. Set up a study area.

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Many students were encouraged to leave their campus and go back home, but we all know that being home can affect your study routine. Find a quiet space where you feel comfortable enough to study in. Your own study spot shouldn't be a chill spot; make sure you're able to stay focused.

4. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions!

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Reach out to the students in your class, many of them are most likely having a rough time adjusting their study habits during quarantine, as well. Create a study group and quiz/teach each other. Also, don't be afraid to befriend your professor, they want you to succeed just as much as you do, so go to them for help! Write questions in your notes on the topics you're unsure of and bring them up in class.

5. Don't forget about self-care.

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Life will never be the same after this global pandemic; it's okay to take a couple of hours or days to work on your mental health. Dedicate days to do the things you enjoy and disconnect from the news. Your self care day will feel ten times better after knowing you worked hard for one. Make sure you get plenty of sleep every night and don't stay up on social media until five in the morning. Fuel your brain by feeding yourself power foods such as fish, coffee, and fruits. Most importantly, check in with yourself daily so you don't lose who you are during this pandemic.

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