5 Podcasts To Jumpstart Your Podcast Addiction
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5 Podcasts To Jumpstart Your Podcast Addiction

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5 Podcasts To Jumpstart Your Podcast Addiction

If you’re anything like me, music can get pretty repetitive after a while (If I hear Despacito one more time, I will lose it) and you eventually just find yourself skipping over songs constantly. This has led me to become obsessed with podcasts. I had listened to Serial before, but that was it. This summer, I somehow found myself downloading almost 30 podcasts to listen to every week. My podcast addiction is out of control, but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Here’s a couple of my favorites:

1. My Favorite Murder

This podcast is at the top of the list for a reason. I’m addicted to crime shows and true crime stories (I’m not a murderer, I swear!) and this podcast has me on the edge of my seat constantly. If it wasn’t for the hosts, Karen and Georgia, cracking jokes and making murder seem less terrifying, then I would probably never leave my house. I’m currently binging on this one from the beginning (there are 80 episodes) and can’t wait to catch up to the current ones.

2. It's Happening with Snooki and Joey

Yes, Snooki. She hosts this podcast alongside Joey, a makeup artist and her BFF. They talk about current pop culture, fitness and lifestyle advice, and of course, some Jersey Shore drama. The podcast is relatively new (Snooki was the host of another podcast that got cancelled), and the episodes are usually under an hour, so you can listen to all of them in a day.

3. I Don't Get It

Hey Bachelor fans, remember the girl crying all the time on Chris Soules’s season? She’s baaaaack — and she has a killer podcast! Ashley I., along with her sister Lauren and former Bachelor producer Naz, talk about the things they don’t get about love and life. The podcast doesn’t address too many Bachelor topics (although many guest stars are Bachelor alum), so it’s perfect for those who aren’t that addicted to reality TV. This podcast makes you feel like you’re chatting with your best friends, so its easy listening.

4. Anna Faris Is Unqualified

You loved her when she was growling names in House Bunny, and now she has a podcast. Anna Faris hosts this hilarious podcast with her friend Sim, and they give out advice to callers. They also have some amazing celebrity guests on the show too (there was even a Parks and Rec reunion on one podcast).

5. Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai

You’ve probably seen videos of Matt getting drunk at his desk at work and complaining about things. This former Buzzfeed writer is here to complain about things that annoy him, while chugging wine. If you’re not into all that negativity, Matt ends the episode with his chaser for the week, where he shares something that makes all the bad things seem less terrible.

As you can tell by this list, I listen to a very wide variety of podcasts, so I like to consider myself an expert. These podcasts make me feel like I could create my own podcast. So if anyone wants to fund my podcast and is willing to listen to me talk every week, you know where to find me (hint: I’m probably somewhere listening to podcasts).

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