5 Places To Find Professional Clothing
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5 Places To Find Professional Clothing

Looking for professional clothes for your first post-grad job? These five places have everything you need.

5 Places To Find Professional Clothing

It's time. You're graduating in just a few short weeks and it's time to retire the norts, oversized T-shirts and leggings in favor of blazers, slacks and proper blouses for your new post-grad job. No longer can you wear the same pair of Uggs every day and hope no one sees the wrinkles in your shirt and the bags under your eyes. It's time to be the professional you were born to be.

But, wait — where can you find proper work clothes that won't break the bank?

1. H&M

Their basics line is not only affordable but also durable. Pick up some basic shift dresses, cardigans and simple jewelry without your wallet crying. You can pick up several pieces to rotate throughout the work week to keep things fresh and simple.

2. Ann Taylor

I know, looking at the full price section will give you some sticker shock; I worked there for three years and I'm still not used to seeing a basic black shirt for $69.50. However, if you wait until they do markdowns and set their sale section to 50 percent off, you can walk away with some amazing pieces for a steal. Sometimes, they even have coupons that work in the sale section, too, so make sure you sign up for their emails.

3. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx can be hit or miss depending on your area but where else can you find a Calvin Klein blazer for 60 percent less than retail? Sure it's last season but does it really matter? Unless you're working in the fashion industry, it's highly improbably that anyone will notice-- or care-- what season your clothes are from. Besides, everything comes back in style eventually.

4. Old Navy

Two words: pixie pants. Everyone loves these pants because of their durability, affordability and ease to move in. I've seen my waitresses wear them all the way to professors at my school. They're flattering and comfortable.

5. LuLus

LuLus is an online-only clothing store with a wide selection of clothes at a pretty great price. A lot of their pieces are versatile, too, to take you from day to night when needed.

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