5 Packing Tips You NEED For Your Next Vacation

5 Packing Tips You NEED For Your Next Vacation

Packing is a hassle. so try these tips to help you out on your next trip!


If you're inexperienced in packing for vacations, like me, and you're going to be heading out soon, here's some fantastic tips you definitely need:

1. Pack clothes to conserve room, but keep them wrinkle free

You're going to need all the room you have to pack all of your stuff, especially if you like to take all the things you could wear, even though you probably won't because you brought fourteen outfits for a four day trip. So a good idea is to roll your clothes in the suitcase to save space. But, to keep them looking freshly ironed, fold them with tissue paper.

2. Pack liquids in plastic bags

You'll need some liquids for the trip, like shampoo and conditioner, unless you're the type of person who steals it from the hotel. You don't want that getting all over your stuff, believe me. So, take the extra time to get some Ziploc bags and throw all your liquids in there. You won't regret it.

3. Consider what you actually need

You're probably not going to need those ten extra outfits for "Just in case." You're going to end up over packing and having to pay more for checking your bags are the airport. Research the place you're going and what others have suggested you bring.

4. Make a list of what you need

After seeing what you need, make a list. I'm a forgetful person by nature, so if I don't write something down, you bet I'm not going to remember something essential to the trip. After you make the list and pack everything, double and triple check you have everything. Keep the list with you when you go, so you can make sure you have everything with you when you leave.

5. Make sure you leave space in your bag

It's vacation, so you're definitely coming back with new things and souvenirs. Don't over pack everything, just leave enough space for all the things you're going to bring back. Consider how much you like to impulse buy on a regular basis to figure out how much space you really need.

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