5 Of The Healthiest Meals To Order From Fast Food Restaurants
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5 Of The Healthiest Meals To Order From Fast Food Restaurants

Trying to save in college or in life in general on food can be difficult when there are not many cheap food place options that are easily accessable. On top of that struggle, there is also the desire to eat healthy and avoid fast-food type meals that don't support your body and brain.

Girl holding Unwich sandwich

This year, I have started to go to places like Taco Bell and Chick-Fil-A for healthy and cheap options that are satisfying and walking distance from my apartment in Champaign!

1. Grilled Chicken Cool Rap

Chick-Fil-A logoChick-fil-A® Cool Wrap Nutrition and Description


The Chick-Fil-A chicken cool rap is a recent discovery of mine that I get often due to the current health grind I am attempting to keep before the holidays. It is surprisingly fresh and has a lot of lettuce. It is only 350 calories, which for a meal, is decent!

2. Wake-Up Wrap

Wake- Up WrapWake-Up Wrap® | Unwrap Perfection | Dunkin'®


Dunkin' Donuts has this delicious 190 calorie breakfast wrap that has egg, ham and cheese. It is the perfect size and price to pick up on your way to study at the library. It is around $6.00 and is made hot to order!

3. Unwich

Unwich sandwichUnwich Sandwich & Nutrition | Jimmy John's


The Jimmy Johns Unwich is an equally tasty alternative to their regular sandwiches, but less carbs with the lettuce wrap! They are fresh and the ingredients on the wrap can be customized to have any meat or veggie you enjoy!

4. Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Girl eating friesAbout Our Food: Learning the Facts | McDonald’s


This Mcdonalds chicken sandwich is 380 calories and is also super filling! The sandwich is super affordable and less greasy then most items on the menu.

5. Salad Bowl

Chipotle Salad Bowl Review

Photo Credit: Full Nelson

The Chipotle salad bowl is simple and basically mimics a regular bowl except for having no rice and more greens. It is a great alternative to any item on their menu and still tastes amazing! The salad bowl can also be customized like their other classic dishes!

Most fast food restaurants have healthy alternatives and are surprisingly tastier! Eating affordable meals that also have nutritional value really is possible!

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