5 Netflix Inspired Halloween Costumes Sure To Be Recognized At Your Next Party
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5 Netflix Inspired Halloween Costumes Sure To Be Recognized At Your Next Party

Netflix has pervaded our culture to the point that if you dress up in any of these costumes, you're sure to be recognized at your next party or spirit day.

5 Netflix Inspired Halloween Costumes Sure To Be Recognized At Your Next Party

It's almost Halloween again, and that means there's no end to the costume ideas on Pinterest, around campus, on television, and more. With numerous Halloween parties or school spirit days coming up, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find a costume most people will understand and get at first glance.

Netflix's popularity (even if you don't watch Netflix, you most certainly know about it and the numerous shows and movies it's brought into the film canon) make it the perfect place to look for your next costume. Especially if you don't feel like paying for the expensive costumes at your local Spirit Halloween or wearing the same old cat ears the third year in a row.

Below is a list of fun and, hopefully easy costumes for your next engagement. All inspired by good olde Netflix.

1. "Netflix and Chill"

one shirt with "Netflix" and the other saying "chill"

If you're planning on pairing your costume with your best friend (or significant other), look no further than this basic, but funny, costume. "Netflix and chill" has becoming quite the popular phrase in today's culture, and you almost can't have one without the other. Plus this costume is easy (just words on a t-shirt), comfy, and unique.

2. Eleven

Eleven Halloween Costume-blonde wig and pink dress

Millie Bobby Brown's character, a young girl with psychic powers on one of the most popular TV shows on the planet right now, is not only an easily recognized costume, but also a relatively easy one to recreate. Especially if you have short hair or blonde hair (reminiscent of Eleven's blonde wig), just throw on a simple pink dress and BAM, you are Eleven from the iconic season 1 of Stranger Things.

3. Lara Jean Covey

stars of "To All the Boys I've Loved Before"

Throw a little prep into your style, and maybe some super cute stripes, and transform yourself into Lara Jean Covey from "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" for one night. Carry around a pile letters to really set your costume apart.

If you need a few shopping tips for transforming yourself into Covey for the night (or the season), check out this link!

4. The cast of "GLOW"

Cast of Glow

If crazy 80s hairstyles and makeup are your thing, then take this costume opportunity to become your favorite female wrestler from Netflix's "GLOW". Try using pink, one-piece bathing suit to serve as a wrestling outfit, and you've got a badass look for any party.

5. Literally any of the Fab Five from "Queer Eye"

Jonathon Van Ness, Tan France, Antoni Porowoski, and Bobby Berk

If you want to be Antoni, get an eclectic T-shirt and throw a dish towel over your shoulder. If you want to be Karamo, get that bomber jacket on! All you need for Bobby is a smile and a fedora. Put your hair in a perfect quiff and put on well-tailored monochromatic clothes to be the legendary Tan France. For Jonathan, brush your hair, rock that confidence, and put on clothes that defy gender norms.

Of course there's countless other characters you can be and jokes you can play. All thanks to Netflix's endless supply of tv, movies, celebrities, and just general cultural phenomena.

So whether it's Halloween or Spirit Day or just a fun occasion with friends, your next costume is easy to make and easy to recognize if you follow these easy and fun ideas!

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