5 Natural DIY Beauty Remedies

1) Dry Shampoo

My hair gets oily quite often, so I tend to make my own dry shampoo to combat greasy roots. Since I have dark hair, I combine a 1:1 ratio of cocoa powder and corn starch. You can also use baby powder. I then take a kabuki brush and spread it all over my scalp. I find that cocoa powder not only looks the best, but smells the best! (I experimented with coffee grindings when I first started this; a little too strong 😣).

If you're blonde, you can solely use baby powder or corn starch. If you're a redhead, you can mix baby powder/corn starch with cinnamon and nutmeg.

2) Deodorant

Antiperspirants may cause cancer, so I try to avoid them even though they work SO well. Recently, I've been using lemon slices as a form of deodorant. Yes, you read that right: lemons! Lemons work wonders for pits because the citric acid within actually kills bacteria, and hence, any odor. Just wipe those babies on your pits and add some baby powder/corn starch with a brush. Just make sure to throw away the slices soon after! Don't leave them in your fridge or your parents might use them when cooking 😳✋

3) Foundation

This DIY is very similar to the DIY for greasy hair. For liquid foundation, take any moisturizer you have laying around and mix it with a mineral powder (I use bare minerals). Add as much powder as you feel necessary. I've never tried this but you could also experiment with cocoa powder, tapioca starch etc.

4) MI Paste

Have white stains on your teeth? No need for bonding or veneers! Try a simple and natural alternative called MI paste. Usually, white stains occur from things like excessive consumption of fluoride. The trick with MI paste is that it contains calcium, a mineral that your teeth are made out of. So you're essentially putting the calcium back in! I usually do it for an hour a day. They will fade in time.

5) Hydrogen Peroxide

Throw away that Listerine mouthwash! Listerine is legitimately just alcohol and food coloring. Hydrogen peroxide is effective for getting rid of any bacteria in your mouth. You can get this product from any local drugstore. Just take a sip (don't swallow), swoosh it around in your mouth and use a tongue scraper while the product is still in your mouth for extra effectiveness. Then spit it out! Pretty simple.

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