If you're as basic as me, you probably spend over half your day on Instagram. Instagram is a Belle's dream - it's the perfect place to brag about how big the diamond on your ring is or share a super photogenic photo of LeMans. In my highly researched opinion (Instagram is my life), these are the 5 accounts ALL Belles should follow.

1. @Ringsdoingthings

Literally just a bunch of pictures of SMC Class rings... and it's AMAZING. You can even submit your own photo- and all of them get like, 10k likes.

2. @HCSaintMarys

Her Campus Saint Mary's Insta is literally all things SMC. Photos about SMC events, photos of the Ave, photos of rings, photos from study abroad, photos of hilarious puns. It's all things #basic on one page. What could be better?!

3. @saintmaryscollegeadmission

This account will really help you brush up on your SMC trivia. They post photos of spots on campus that I'm like, I didn't even know that existed?!

4. @career_crossings

OK, so if you want to get a job after college, you should probably follow the Career office on Insta. They post about their workshops (which are really good for networking), and share interesting and useful career tips.

5. @ColleenZewe

What kind of person would I be if I didn't share my own Insta? Please follow me, I'm obsessed with it.