In psychology, there is a spectrum that measures a person’s extraversion, those who score low on the spectrum are called introverts. Introvert is a word used to describe people who gain more energy from being alone than with people. Basically, they need to be alone in order to recharge their batteries. I consider myself an introvert and noticed a few habits I developed because of it.

1. You get exhausted when in large crowds.

Something about the overwhelming amount of people just drains the energy right out of you. People constantly pestering you or bumping into you just isn’t something you enjoy and puts you in a bad mood.

2. You prefer quality over quantity with friends.

With large group of friends, it feels like you don’t really know who you are hanging out with. We prefer having 2-3 close friends who you can call anytime if you’re in a jam.

3. You want to stay in all the time.

Going out is just so exhausting. You have to get dressed up, find a group of people to hang out with, and when you arrive people are there. Who wants to deal with that? Give me a glass of wine and my Netflix account any day.

4. You prefer to work alone.

I had a class where the professor forced us to do at least three group assignments per class and no matter how simple the assignment we weren’t allowed to work alone. It was a nightmare for someone who spends every class trying to avoid group work.

5. Having your apartment to yourself is a dream.

Over the summer my roommate left for three weeks leaving me alone in the apartment. It was the most relaxing three weeks of my life.