Every College Girl's Pre-Frat Party Checklist

Every College Girl's Pre-Frat Party Checklist

Learn to stay safe while having fun.

Disclaimer: When we talk about things like partying and sexual assault it is necessary to understand that we should not put the responsibility of "not getting raped" on girls and put the responsibility to not commit rape on guys. These are just helpful tips to ensure girls are having fun at parties while staying safe.

Partying is a college culture that every student at one point in their college career may experience. Before we even enter college, we are warned about the precautions that are necessary to stay safe against the many harmful actions that could take place during and after these parties.

Before going to college frat party, girls, take a look at these five things to stay safe while having fun.

1. Go With A Group Of Girls You Trust

Always have a group of girls that you know you could trust and know would take care of you during and after the party. A frat party is not worth any one's life and going with girls you trust, you know there are people who are always looking out for you.

2. Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

No matter how drunk you get or how safe you think your college campus is, make sure you are always aware of your surroundings and make sure you never walk in or out of parties alone.

3. No Boy Is Worth More Than Your Friends

Never leave your friends alone just for a boy you met at a frat party. Always stick by your friends and make sure they are safe and okay at all times.

4. Know Your Limit Before You Go Out

Always know what your tolerance is before going out to a party. You do not want to wake up the next morning regretting something you did the night before.

5. Have Fun and Mingle

Parties are meant to have fun and meet new people. Not everyone is out to get you, so meet people you enjoy having conversations with and have a good time!

The unfortunate truth is that danger still exists — so while we work on eliminating rape culture, make sure you stay safe in the meantime with these precautions. Understand that there are precautions that need to be taken when you go out, but also need to learn its okay to have fun and let loose.

Next time you go to a frat party make sure you stay safe while having fun.

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