The 5 Most Relatable Thanksgiving Memes And Clapbacks

The 5 Most Relatable Thanksgiving Memes And Clapbacks

In light of those future awkward thanksgiving conversations here's some thanksgiving laughs

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The holiday season is upon us. That means get ready for all the future food. Americans love Thanksgiving. It's one of the best holidays of the year. All of your family in one room with tons of food and laughter. Everyone tries to outdo lasts years meal and make things bigger and better. One of the best parts is seeing family members. You get to see all your cousin, and aunts and uncles. Not to forget seeing the family members that only come around twice a year. But we can't forget those lovely Thanksgiving dinner table talks. All the kids sit at the kids table and the adults gather to talk and kindly roast each other's lives. What everyone tries to avoid on Thanksgiving is those conversations. We have all experienced an awkward Thanksgiving.No one wants to start talking about their lives and former exes. So what do you say when someone comes up to you? How in the word can you break the ice? Why not with some awesome memes and clap-backs. Nothing says getting in the Holiday spirit like some funny conversations to avoid talking about your life. In light of Thanksgiving and your future conversations here are some very relatable memes and clap-backs.

1. Pie:

2. Hot Food

3. After Food Feeling

4. The Walker

5. Tattoos

6. When the food is ready

7. Bach Bach Bach

8. Math Problems

9. When you're not on track

10. The bank account

11. Dysfunctional Families

12. Dark Meat

13. Teachers

14. Weight Struggle

15. Dry Hair, Dry Food

16. Roaches

17. Questions Unanswered

19. Seriously Though ...

19. Tupperware

20. If you know what I bean

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