5 Fashion Forward Plus Size Brand You Need To Know About

5 Fashion Forward Plus Size Brand You Need To Know About

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It's safe to say that finding plus size clothing for teens and young adults is hard, especially in a digital world where you're judged and have the pressure of keeping up with trends. It can feel isolating and can be hard, but with new brands coming out with clothing that's both in style and for teens and young adults it can be relieving.

1. Ava And Viv

My ultimate favorite plus size brand at the moment, it has so many pieces that are fashionable and are actually for a teen or young adult. It is definitely a great brand for anyone on the go or looking for more dressier pieces. Trust me, you want to go to Target and go on a major shopping spree for this brand.

2. Forever 21+

I know, their cheap and not the best quality clothes, but trust me, it’s great if you’re looking for cheap, yet affordable clothes on a budget that actually look fashionable and keep up with the trends. They even have recently added to their collection, adding the 4x size, which is great and amazing for all the 4 ladies, or for anyone on the 3-4x line and would like to get the 4x for more wiggle room. It’s great to see stores expanding on sizes, it makes the community feel more included, especially for plus size,. Especially, hen it’s so hard to find brands that cater to all generations including teens and young adults and not just the usual middle to old aged ladies out their.

3. Torrid

The most expensive on the list, while it can get pricey, they have some cute stuff you can get on clearance or on sale. It is also great if someone is taking you back to school shopping or for something like Christmas. They have really good quality clothing that lasts a long time.

4. Avenue

While, yes it's expensive for the everyday college student, it’s reasonably priced for someone working a full time job, or well paying part time job. It isn’t a brand you’re looking at thinking it’s for the average 40 year old lady, it has a healthy mix of that and fashionable trendy things for people who are in college. Plus, they are always having sales, coupons and exclusive deals.

5. Nordstrom

While, I get it, Nordstrom isn’t an official “brand”, it’s rather a store that sells different brands for a cheaper price, it’s a great buy and steal. But on Nordstrom, they have such amazing brands that are big name brands, for more cheap that are great for us plus size woman. They have brands like Nike, Michael Kors and so many more. Plus, it’s a one stop shop, you can get your plus size clothes for cheap, but you can also get makeup, shoes and accessories.

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