5 Fal Musts Of 2017

5 Fal Musts Of 2017

Fun things you won't regret doing


1. Apple Picking

One of the best things about fall in my opinion, it’s so fun getting your sweater and some sneakers on with cute leggings and going to a big farm and picking apples. It is also so fun going to visit the little country store, if they have one. It is cheap, easy, fun and if your girlfriend or boyfriend likes it, it’s a win win because it’s fun in general but a great date and it’s cute to see them happy.

2. Baking

While it is cold but beautiful out, it’s fun to bake everything from apple pies to tartes and everything in-between. Nothing is sweeter than baking with loved ones, listening to music, laughing and having a good time. The best part is smelling all the good smells and eating it after.

3. Hikes

Yes, I know you’re thinking, isn’t it too cold for that? Maybe it is, but it is super refreshing to be able to go out for a hike. Their is still something nice about the fall crisp air and the nice sunshine that makes it so worth it. It makes you feel so amazing and even more accomplished, well personally it does for me.

4. Pumpkin Picking

Also, another fall favorite, just like apple picking you get to choose your own pumpkin, obviously I’m sure you didn’t need my dumb explaintion to figure that one out. But, let me tell you it’s one of my absolute favorites, as for after it’s fun to carve them!

5. Go To A Festival

A definite fall must do, while they can get pricy, it doesn’t have to be, with the right planning you can go to festivals for cheap, especially small local ones. Not only do you get to enjoy the nice refreshing crisp air, warm sun, taste and smell great food you also get to see amazingly unique things you wouldn’t expect to see anywhere else.

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