5 DIY Natural Beauty Remedies
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5 DIY Natural Beauty Remedies

Don't go crazy over salons and spas, just head over to your local grocery stores and follow these easy, DIY natural beauty remedies.

5 DIY Natural Beauty Remedies

Everyone has acne. Everyone has blemishes. Everyone has hair damage. However, not everyone has time or the money to go to the salon/spa in order to rejuvenate their skin and hair when stress hits hard. Here are 5 DIY Natural Beauty Remedies that won't break the bank, but will definitely boost your confidence in appearance:

1. DIY Turmeric Face Mask

1 tsp turmeric

1tsp honey

1 tsp milk

First, mix these three ingredients together in a small bowl. Make sure that it becomes a firm paste, so it can be easily applied to the face. Once it is has a paste-like consistency, apply it all over the face (not eyes or mouth, obvi!) with your hands. Leave on for 15 minutes and it will begin to dry. After, rinse with warm water and apply any moisturizer you prefer. This is a great mask because turmeric has many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that replenish facial skin, making it brighter and feeling softer. If you have dull skin, dark circles, or even discolored blemishes, try this mask weekly for best results!

2. DIY Hair Growth Mask

2 tsp honey

1 tsp onion extract (or onion juice)

3 tsp coconut oil

Okay, so at first everyone is hesitant to try this odd mixture for hair growth, more so because of the onion extract. Completely understandable because I had the same reaction, but the onion is the essential ingredient that makes this "hair mask" so amazing. Believe it or not, onion juice contains a great amount of sulfur which not only improves circulation to the scalp and stimulates collagen tissue formation, but strengthens and enriches each hair follicle with nutrients to promote growth. Mix these ingredients together and apply to your scalp for 15 minutes (remember, it does smell!). Rinse off your hair with warm water and if you prefer, wash it with some shampoo to rid of any remaining odor, prior to letting your hair air dry.

3. DIY Underarm Lightening

1 tsp olive oil

1 tsp baking soda

Crushed cucumber (approximately 5 slices crushed)

Let me just say, this mixture does miracles. Its main focus is exfoliation, which helps to lighten underarms from constant shaving. Mix all the ingredients together and apply some to your underarms, make sure to leave some for later application. Take a loofah bath sponge and scrub the mixture onto your underarms for about 5 minutes. Then, apply more of the mixture and wait 10 minutes. After, rinse the mixture off with any body soap of your liking. You won't see immediate results, yet do this weekly and eventually you will see a major difference!

4. DIY Papaya + Banana Hair Mask

1/2 Mashed Banana

1/4 Mashed Papaya

1 tsp honey

1/4 plain yogurt

I have currently been obsessed with hair growth remedies, since I have a lot of hair loss due to stress (yikes!). However, this is my favorite because it smells amazinggggg ! Begin with mashing the banana and papaya in a small bowl and then, add in the honey and plain yogurt. Bananas and papayas are great fruit to nourish hair follicles and prevent future damage by heat or chemicals. Once complete, slather the entire mixture into dry hair (yes, the entire mixture!). Make sure you rub it into your roots and at the tips, so you completely cover all areas of your hair. Leave this in your hair for 30 minutes. After, rinse your hair out with shampoo and leave it to air dry, unless you would like to shampoo a second time. This remedy can be done twice a week for effective results and hopefully, you will see a major improvement in the thickness of your hair.

5. DIY Teeth Whitener

Pea-sized amount of toothpaste

1 tsp hydrogen peroxide

1/2 tsp water

1 tsp baking soda

We can all agree that a person's smile and teeth are the first thing everyone notices. Well, for me (and my caffeine-obsessed self), I have always tried to eliminate that attention to my teeth by not smiling as much or opening my mouth as wide when laughing. However, this natural teeth whitener has helped restore the color of my teeth and trust me, I could not be happier. First, in a small bowl, mix your toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and water. Make sure that the consistency remains pasty. Just a reminder, that this should be done AFTER your brush your teeth, at least once or twice a week. Next, apply the paste to a separate toothbrush (not the one regularly used) and brush your teeth for two minutes. You may rinse your mouth with water after to get rid of the taste. Also, the taste is horrendous, but it is soooo worth it if you remain consistent! With this remedy, you can never be afraid of drinking coffee or licking a lollipop ever again!

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