The break that we all look forward to when the drag of second semester hits: spring break. It can be a huge party or a huge letdown. However, there are about 5 categories that the average college students' spring break trip fits into. Which one best describes how you spent your break?

1. The iconic college trip

When students really cut loose and drink from 7 am to 6 am the next morning. This usually results in many wild stories and very questionable (and flashy) social media posts.

    2. The family getaway

    When students tag onto whatever their parents are doing for that week. Whether that be going to grandmas or spending the break at a resort, you’re just glad you have someone else paying for your meals.

    3. The true school spirit

    When a student chooses (or unwillingly) has to stay on campus for spring break. This calls for many nights of staying in or trying to recruit some friends of a friend to go out. Constantly reminded of the school being just a hop and a skip away, you’re constantly messaging your friends to come back.

    4. The “No days off”

    For those students who hate doing nothing for a week so they stockpile it up with endless shifts at their hometown job. This student would really rather make money then spend it.

    5. The laziest week of your life

    Those students that literally need a week to do nothing. "Wake up, Netflix, eat, sleep and repeat" is their motto. You get endless naps, food, and don’t have to worry about a beach bod—what more could you ask for?

    No matter which type of spring break trip you took, somehow, you still know exactly how many more days (or exact hours) you have until you have to get back to school and start drowning in work yet again.