5 Christmas Toys That Many Will Remember
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5 Christmas Toys That Many Will Remember

Whether you gave one or received one, these toys were classics!

5 Christmas Toys That Many Will Remember

Whether you were a 1980s baby or a millennial in the brink of a technology boom, these legendary Christmas toys are remembered by many generations. Some of my favorite Christmas mornings are memories of my Dad being excited over dollhouses, bikes, and our excitement over Santa’s half eaten cookies. While Christmas means so much more than gifts that can be wrapped, here are just a few of the toys that all generations will recognize.

Cabbage Patch Kids. These stuffed, yet adorable dolls made their debut in 1983.

However, this toy was also the hype of my generation. Each made with different hair, different outfits, and if you were a baby doll fanatic like me, different personalities. These dolls were always up for discussion as Christmas gifts.

Gameboy. The gray and white block original Gameboy made its debut in the 1990s. Gameboys brought on games like Mario, The Amazing Spider-Man, and my favorite game, stealing it from my older brother before he finds out to play for just a few minutes. The Gameboy is an all time favorite.

Razor Scooters. These were the talk of my childhood neighborhood. Am I right? The razor scooter made its way into the world in the early 2000s. Razor scooters were the coolest ride up and down the driveway, no doubt.

Xbox 360. I believe I remember my older brother in awe on Christmas morning when the Xbox 360 was opened. Not only were we able to access games (what little games my older brother let me and my younger sister play) we were also able to watch Netflix. Microsoft and Bill Gates, you did not disappoint.

Barbie-Talking Townhouse. This is by far one of the most memorable Christmas gifts I have ever received. Barbie’s house becomes more real with each passing year, yet in 2002, I was in awe of the fact that each Barbie of mine would be greeted with a “Hello, Barbie.”, each time I got him or her out to play. The Barbie-Talking Townhouse was at the top of my Christmas list, and I will be forever thankful for my Father who I am sure had had enough of Barbie’s greetings by noon on Christmas day.

Aside from the list of toys that could continue until next Christmas, I hope to receive some of the oldest gifts of time’s market: patience, genuine happiness, and a positive outlook. While my favorite Christmas memories involve receiving some of these toys, I hope that our Christmas lists will be endless and filled not with requests, but with thanks for the things that we already have this Christmas. Be thankful for the gifts of family, friends, freedom, and I could continue. I encourage you to strive for gifts that are much harder to acquire during life’s battles. Keep the patience. Keep the genuine happiness. Keep the positive outlook. Only then have we acquired gifts that are much higher in the rankings than any gadget or toy ever created. Bring in the New Year with the most authentic gifts of all.

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