5 Cool Cat Breeds You Really Should Know

5 Cool Cat Breeds You Really Should Know

Do you know these breeds?

When talking about dogs, we usually differentiate them specifically by what breed they are or what breeds they're mixed with. When it comes to cats, there's a tendency to just say what color they are. The most common cat breed people know off the top of their head is a tabby or Siamese. If you're cat-savvy, you might also know about calico cats/tortoiseshell cats. Here are 5 more cat breeds to add to your knowledge of cats!

1. Maine Coon

Other than being large and fluffy, Maine Coons are usually identified as being sociable and "dog-like." Their colors can range from dark to light and are friendly, domesticated cats. With that fluffy coat and bushy tail, what's not to love?

2. Russian Blue

Russian Blue's have two coats of hair, plus an outer layer to protect from the cold. Its origins are unsure, but this may be why they are speculated to be from Russia. Their fur is blue, but they have silver tips that give more of a gray color. While they can be shy, they're sweet, domestic cats.

3. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats are graceful and beautiful, but they also have a love for exploration and heights. They tend to enjoy climbing up into high places. This breed is known for being intelligent and inquisitive.

4. Scottish Fold

First off: Awww! Scottish Folds have the most adorable and squish-able faces. Their namesake comes from one of their most notable features: their folded ears. They love being around people and participating in the fun!

5. Egyptian Mau

A secret favorite breed of my own, the Egyptian Mau is elegant and agile. This breed has been considered as what Greyhounds are in dog breeds. They can be shy if not raised to be familiar with humans, but love to play with those they're comfortable with!

Cover Image Credit: Inge Wallumrød on Pexels

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21 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Well, first of all, they tolerate you living with them.

Look, you can say what you will but I'm a cat person and I'm proud of it. I have three little furballs that I love, and do you want to know something? They love me too. If you are a cat person too, you know what I'm talking about. If you are new to the feline world, here are the signs that your cat loves you back.

1. They help you with your work.

2. They're there when you need to cry.

3. They help you keep up with those New Year's resolutions.

4. They're socially awkward with you when people come over.

5. They help you get ready for a date.

6. They're always there when you need a hug.

7. They give you foot massages (and a good laugh).

8. They're always looking out for you.

9. They ride on your shoulder like it's normal.

10. They let you pet them.

11. They beg you to pet them.

12. They relax with you.

13. They help groom you.

14. They help clean up the messes they make.

15. They take you out to show you off.

16. They always make sure you're up on time.

17. They like to sit on your lap.

18. Or legs. They're not picky as long as they're with you.

19. They always say bye when you leave.

20. They're always available for kitty kisses.

21. Seriously, always.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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Cats Are The Best College Companions, Paws Down

Because we all need that special feline in our life.

If you are cat person like I am, you probably want a special feline in your life. Having a cat in college is like having a personal study buddy and a best friend rolled into one. Your friends will love to come over to your place to see you (or your cat, let's be honest) and you will always have a cute subject for your social media posts.

Cats are there for you during the good times and the bad, and they are happy to add more to your life in ways that you couldn't have imagined.

Here are just some of the many reasons why cats are a college student's perfect companion, as told from my favorite feline's perspective.

1. They're great at helping you study

"Oh were you trying to study? Let me help you out. Just pet me and you'll ace this test!"

2. They keep you from getting distracted

"Oh, you were trying to watch Netflix? I thought this computer was my napping spot."

3. They will wake you up in the morning

"Meow! Think you are going to miss your 9 a.m.? I think not! Let me sit on you just to make sure."

4. They support you emotionally

"We can both pretend that the final didn't just happen and hide our tears."

5. They make everyday things exciting

"Why not share all parts of your life with me? I'm not in the way at all!"

6. They encourage (productive) laziness

"I love you human, so you can't move until I decide I want to get up. You are one of the chosen ones."

7. And finally, they are always there for you

No matter where you go or what you're going through, a cat will be the companion that will always find new ways to become involved in all aspects of your life (in the most creative ways) and will be the best snuggle buddy. They are one of the easiest creatures to love and care for, and they will always give something back to you in return.

Cats may seem reserved and selective at first, but once you find a way to their heart, they will be a part of yours forever.

Cover Image Credit: Alyse Campbell

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