5 Black Sitcoms from the 90s-2000s needed on DVD
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5 Black Sitcoms from the 90s-2000s needed on DVD

Mo' to the...E to the....

5 Black Sitcoms from the 90s-2000s needed on DVD

After finally completing the entire series of "A Different World" on Netflix, I came to an upsetting conclusion that a lot of my favorite childhood "black sitcoms" are not available as a series. For some, I can catch them on TV from time to time, but it is more likely I'll have to go on Youtube and watch low-quality version. These are my top five Black sitcoms from the 90s-early 2000s that need to be on DVD. (I'll even take Netflix)

5. "Wayans Bros"

"We're brothers, we're happy and we're singing and we're colored."

Having one of THE best instrumentals for their intro, A Tribe Called Quest's Electric Relaxation, from that alone should be a sign that this will be a good show. Transitioning from "In Living Color," this series is about the brothers adventures while working at Shawn's newsstand. In the second season the newsstand and their father's Pops Diner were moved downtown. They never fail to have me on the floor in tears laughing. My favorite episode is season three, episode nine, "The Return of the Temptones." (P.S. The first season is available everywhere on DVD, but you can buy the other 4 seasons online.)

4. "Living Single"

"We are living single, in a 90s kind of world, I'm glad I got my girls."

Before the TV show "Friends" and "Sex in the City," there was "Living Single." Many believe that those two shows ripped off their concepts from this classic. This series is about six people, four women and two men, in Brooklyn, New York. Staring Queen Latifah, the show circles these six people being black in the 90s in New York. The shows explores levels of race, gender and colorism issues that are very important to discuss in the black community. I was lucky to find the first season on DVD at a random Walmart one year, but the other four seem to be only shown as reruns on TV.

3. "One On One"

"I'll be there through thick and thin what a true love we have found me & you against the world."

This is a childhood throwback! The show was about Flex Alexander, a single father who is also a sports newscaster, who becomes a full-time with his teenage daughter Breanna moves in. Throughout the series, the shows starts to focus on Breanna and her two close friends Arnaz and Spirit. The final season, Breanna and Arnaz moved to California. This show had all the popular celebrities at the time and it opens a big can of nostalgia for me. This show barely gets re-run TV time, and the only way I can get my fix is through YouTube.

2. "Cousin Skeeter"


I was a certified 90s nickelodeon kid, and this show was very short-lived for reasons I do not know. Only having three seasons, Cousin Skeeter is about a young teen named Bobby, who deals with life-changing lessons when his cousin comes to live with him. We see his cousin Skeeter as a puppet, yet no one acknowledges that on the show. I've have not seen any re-runs on TV and in the Youtube world is close to none either. But I did find the theme song, and this show was known for having one of the best theme songs for kids.

1. "Moesha"

"Mo to the E to the..."

This was THE show for me! Ironically, Moesha, and I have similar dreams and some of her experiences are similar to mine. This show was about the point-of-view of an 16-year-old Black girl and her family as a middle class family in South Los Angeles, California. Moesha covered many uncomfortable like teen pregnancy, drug use, race, and death of a parent. The show took a crazy turn when halfway through the series, Moesha's father's, Frank, infidelity comes to surface, which changed the whole vibe of the show. With six seasons, only the first is available on DVD. You can catch reruns on cable, but if all fails, YouTube away.

Moesha was number one for me because I loved the characters of one of her closest friends, Kim.

These were my favorite Black TV sitcoms from the 90s-early 2000s that need the whole series on DVD. There are plenty more but these all need to be available as a series so I can personally get my life.


These two would be on the list but luckily, both are now available on DVD.

"Sister, Sister"

"Sister, Sister" -The Complete Collection

All 6 seasons are available on Amazon, but the people prefer through Visual Entertainment because of the price and an extra movie. (Seventeen Again)

"The Parkers"

"The Parkers" - The Complete Collection

All 5 seasons are also available on Amazon as well, but again, people prefer through Visual Entertainment due to the better packaging and price.

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