5 Binge Worthy Shows

5 Binge Worthy Shows

Who needs to be productive when these shows are available to stream?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally summer time. For most colleges, the spring semester has ended and finals are almost over. It is time for those of us who worked tediously and meticulously the entire semester to turn off our brains and watch some quality shows. Here are five binge worthy shows that you should check out during your free time:

1. Hemlock Grove

To begin, we should start with a show that is easy to access and easy on the eyes. “Hemlock Grove” is a horror series on Netflix. With over 118 million users worldwide, Netflix is pretty easy to access. If you are like me and unwilling to pay for the service, you can watch with a friend, it is scary after all. The show stars the heavenly faces of actors Bill Skarsgård, Landon Liboiron, and Famke Janssen. Without ruining the entire plot, I can say that the show is full of horror, supernatural beings, and very dry humor. All three seasons are on Netflix, so it only takes a full and sleepless weekend to finish the entire series.

2. House

Who does not like a rebellious obsessive drug addicted diagnostician? “House” is a show about Gregory House and the group of medical professionals he drives crazy day in and day out. House is the doctor that gets the cases that other doctors are unable to solve. The show is full of medical anomalies, dry humor, and great costume makeup. If you like atypical medical dramas, this is definitely the show for you. The full eight seasons of this show can be found on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

3. Hannibal

NBC’s “Hannibal” is a masterpiece of a show. It is full of beautiful scenes, spectacular editing, ostentatious vocabulary, and awesome actors. “Hannibal” is a TV series based on the movie The Silence of The Lambs and a novel entitled Red Dragon. The show focuses on Will Graham who is played by Hugh Dancy. Will is a troubled “special agent” for the FBI who is in a cat and mouse chase with a cannibalistic serial killer. If you have ever seen or heard of The Silence of The Lambs, then you will not be surprised to find out that Will’s therapist Dr. Hannibal Lecter is in fact the cannibal serial killer. Do not worry, the show is about so much more than that. The show is a psychological thriller that is almost impossible to not binge in a very long and very sleepless week. The entire series can be streamed on Amazon Prime. Pro tip for when you are watching: try not to fall in love with any of the characters. They will either die or let you down. You have been warned.

4. Sneaky Pete

This show is a surprisingly good Amazon Prime original. “Sneaky Pete” is about a professional con artist who steals the identity of his cellmate who happened to try to rob a gun range. Pete Murphy is the name of the cellmate. The con artist’s name is Marius. Of course Marius has a last name, but it is far too difficult to spell or pronounce, as demonstrated in the show. Marius, being a professional con artist, has a lot of enemies and a lot of baggage. Marius takes on Pete’s identity because it is convenient and he believes that Pete’s life may be an escape. Not to ruin the entire second season for you, but Marius is so wrong.

5. The Twilight Zone

I think it is only fitting to end with a classic. “The Twilight Zone” is a 1959 horror, supernatural, and science fiction thriller series. The show covers a diverse range of supernatural beings and circumstances. Each episode follows a new story and a new person. This show is binge worthy because not only is it incredibly vivid even in black in white, but it is also narrated by the serne voice of Rod Serling. Remember, any place and all places can be the twilight zone. The 150+ episode show can be streamed on Amazon Prime video or it can be caught on the SyFy channel.

There you have it. Five shows that are definitely worth watching. I know, many of us have summer jobs and summer classes, but you should take some time to relax and let your brain be mindless.

Cover Image Credit: The Daily Universe

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35 Major Life Facts According To Nick Miller

"All booze is good booze, unless it's weak booze."

Fact: If you watch "New Girl," you love Nick Miller.

You can't help it. He's an adorable, lovable mess of a man and you look forward to seeing him and his shenanigans each week. While living the infamous and incomparable life of Nick Miller, and obviously Julius Pepperwood— he has learned many valuable laws of the land. And, although Nick refuses to learn anything from anyone besides his mysterious, old Asian friend Tran, he does have a few lessons he'd like to teach us.

Here are 35 facts of life according to 'Nick Milla Nick Milla':

1. Drinking keeps you healthy.

"I'm not gonna get sick. No germ can live in a body that is 65% beer."

2. Dinosaurs never existed.

"I don't believe dinosaurs existed. I've seen the science. I don't believe it."

3. A paper bag is a bank.

"A bank is just a paper bag but with fancier walls."

4. Having sex is similar to delivering mail.

"I'm like a mailman, except instead of mail it's hot sex that I deliver."

5. Moonwalking is a foolproof way to get out of any awkward situation.

Jess (about Nick): "Now he won't even talk to me. I saw him this morning and he just panic moonwalked away from me. He does that sometimes."

6. Using a movie reference is also a great way.

Cece: "Come on, get up!"

Nick: "No, I don't dance. I'm from that town in "Footloose."

7. There's no reason to wash towels.

Nick: "I don’t wash the towel. The towel washes me. Who washes a towel?"

Schmidt: "You never wash your towel?"

Nick: "What am I gonna do? Wash the shower next? Wash a bar of soap?"

8. Exes are meant to be avoided at all costs (especially if/unless they're Caroline)

"I don't deal with exes, they're part of the past. You burn them swiftly and you give their ashes to Poseidon."

9. IKEA furniture is not as intimidating as it looks.

"I'm building you the dresser. I love this stuff. It's like high-stakes LEGOs."

10. You don't need forks if you have hands.

Jess: "That's gross. Get a fork, man."

Nick: "I got two perfectly good forks at the end of my arms!"

11. Sex has a very specific definition.

"It's not sex until you put the straw in the coconut."

12. Doors are frustrating.

"I will push if I want to push! Come on! I hate doors!"

13. All booze is good booze.

"Can I get an alcohol?"

14. ...unless it's weak booze.

"Schmidt, that is melon flavored liquor! That is 4-proof! That is safe to drink while you're pregnant!"

15. Writers are like pregnant women.

Jess: "You know what that sound is? It's the sound of an empty uterus."

Nick: "I can top that easily. I'm having a hard time with my zombie novel."

Jess: "Are you really comparing a zombie novel to my ability to create life?"

Nick: "I'm a writer, Jess. We create life."

16. All bets must be honored.

"There is something serious I have to tell you about the future. The name of my first-born child needs to be Reginald VelJohnson. I lost a bet to Schmidt."

17. Adele's voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.

"Adele is amazing."

18. Beyoncé is extremely trustworthy.

"I'd trust Beyoncé with my life. We be all night."

19. Fish, on the other hand, are not.

“Absolutely not. You know I don’t trust fish! They breathe water. That's crazy!"

20. Bar mitzvahs are terrifying.

Schmidt: "It's a bar mitzvah!"

Nick: "I am NOT watching a kid get circumcised!"

21. ...so are blueberries.

Jess: "So far, Nick Miller's list of fears is sharks, tap water, real relationships..."

Nick: "And blueberries."

22. Take your time with difficult decisions. Don't be rash.

Jess: "You care about your burritos more than my children, Nick?"

Nick: "You're putting me in a tough spot!"

23. Getting into shape is not easy.

"I mean, I’m not doing squats or anything. I’m trying to eat less donuts."

24. We aren't meant to talk about our feelings.

"If we needed to talk about feelings, they would be called talkings."

25. We're all a little bit too hard on ourselves.

"The enemy is the inner me."

26. Freezing your underwear is a good way to cool off.

"Trust me, I'm wearing frozen underpants right now and I feel amazing. I'm gonna grab some old underpants and put a pair into the freezer for each of you."

27. Public nudity is normal.

"Everbody has been flashed countless times."

28. Alcohol is a cure-all.

"You treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol. You treat an inside wound with drinking alcohol."

29. Horses are aliens.

"I believe horses are from outer-space."

30. Turtles should actually be called 'shell-beavers.'

Jess: "He calls turtles 'shell-beavers."

Nick: "Well, that's what they should be called."

31. Trench coats are hot.

"This coat has clean lines and pockets that don't quit, and it has room for your hips. And, when I wear it, I feel hot to trot!"

32. Sparkles are too.

"Now, my final bit of advice, and don't get sensitive on this, but you've got to change that top it's terrible and you've got to throw sparkles on. Sparkles are in. SPARKLES ARE IN."

33. Introspection can lead to a deeper knowing of oneself.

"I'm not convinced I know how to read. I've just memorized a lot of words."

34. It's important to live in the moment.

"I know this isn't gonna end well but the middle part is gonna be awesome."

35. Drinking makes you cooler.

Jess: "Drinking to be cool, Nick? That's not a real thing."

Nick: "That's the only thing in the world I know to be true."

Cover Image Credit: Hollywood Reporter

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A Brief Overview of "A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships"

A breakdown of each song on the 1975's new album.


Recently, The 1975 released their third album, titled A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, so here's a breakdown of each song.

The 1975

Each of the 1975's albums starts with this classic bop, and this album creates a fresh new spin to the song. With the same lyrics, but a different arrangement of sounds, it creates something unique to the feel of this album.

Give Yourself A Try

This track feels just like their first album, with the guitar riff in the beginning. This song observes the past and present, talking about low and high points in their careers and lives and how they are moving forward.


This song feels like a mix of 90s pop and disco combined. The lyrics imply that someone is in the middle of a one sided conversation or argument.

How To Draw/ Petrichor

This song is mostly instrumental, mixing in typical instruments of that of a rock band (guitar, bass, drums, etc.), but also playing with syntehsizers and an electronic soundboard to make this an electronic masterpiece. The use of autotune is supposed to represent the lead singer's voice as an instrument.

Love It If We Made It 

The lead singer of this song explained that he added lyrics this when he got upset at the world, whether it be with politics or something else. With lyrics like "thank you Kanye, very cool" and "poison me daddy", this may be one of the most iconic songs of the year.

Be My Mistake

The 1975 decided to take a step back and slow it down with this track, talking of how one of them cheated acting as a "mistake", but it could also be about drug abuse and how they kept using it despite what their significant other said or thought.

Sincerity Is Scary

This track discusses being in a relationship where it's not fun or sincere anymore, you end up fighting all of the time and are no longer considered "friends", you're just stuck.

I Like America & America Likes Me

This song is very important to the album, as it talks about gun control in America. The first line is "I'm scared of dying," trying to send a message to people about gun control policies.

The Man Who Married A Robot/ Love Theme

The first time I heard this song I was rather confused. The song is just a piano in the background, with somebody just talking over it. But once you really listen to the lyrics, this song is basically talking about a man who fell in love with the internet and forgot how to love and interact with real people, which seems to be an issue that people face today.

Inside Your Mind

This song also brings me back to their first album days; basically the singer wants to look inside their lover's mind to figure out what they are thinking, since they are not always clear.

It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) 

Matty Healy, the lead singer, describes this song as being about his addiction to heroin, which he has mostly overcome as he has been sober for the past few months.

Surrounded By Heads And Bodies

This song I didn't quite understand what it mean the first time I heard it, and I still don't quite understand it. They talk of some girl named Angela, and how "they see her in their sleep."


Before in the album, songs like "TOOTIME" and "Sincerity is Scary" talk about unhealthy relationships, but this song talks about a healthy relationship, where he knows that the girl is "mine".

I Couldn't Be More In Love

This song is talking about how he is in love with a girl, but she said that she had enough. He just has to live with those feelings, despite her leaving him, even though he "couldn't be more in love" with her.

I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) 

This song is basically talking about the highs and lows in life, I don't quite understand this song in its entirety either.

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