5 Binge Worthy Shows

5 Binge Worthy Shows

Who needs to be productive when these shows are available to stream?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally summer time. For most colleges, the spring semester has ended and finals are almost over. It is time for those of us who worked tediously and meticulously the entire semester to turn off our brains and watch some quality shows. Here are five binge worthy shows that you should check out during your free time:

1. Hemlock Grove

To begin, we should start with a show that is easy to access and easy on the eyes. “Hemlock Grove” is a horror series on Netflix. With over 118 million users worldwide, Netflix is pretty easy to access. If you are like me and unwilling to pay for the service, you can watch with a friend, it is scary after all. The show stars the heavenly faces of actors Bill Skarsgård, Landon Liboiron, and Famke Janssen. Without ruining the entire plot, I can say that the show is full of horror, supernatural beings, and very dry humor. All three seasons are on Netflix, so it only takes a full and sleepless weekend to finish the entire series.

2. House

Who does not like a rebellious obsessive drug addicted diagnostician? “House” is a show about Gregory House and the group of medical professionals he drives crazy day in and day out. House is the doctor that gets the cases that other doctors are unable to solve. The show is full of medical anomalies, dry humor, and great costume makeup. If you like atypical medical dramas, this is definitely the show for you. The full eight seasons of this show can be found on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

3. Hannibal

NBC’s “Hannibal” is a masterpiece of a show. It is full of beautiful scenes, spectacular editing, ostentatious vocabulary, and awesome actors. “Hannibal” is a TV series based on the movie The Silence of The Lambs and a novel entitled Red Dragon. The show focuses on Will Graham who is played by Hugh Dancy. Will is a troubled “special agent” for the FBI who is in a cat and mouse chase with a cannibalistic serial killer. If you have ever seen or heard of The Silence of The Lambs, then you will not be surprised to find out that Will’s therapist Dr. Hannibal Lecter is in fact the cannibal serial killer. Do not worry, the show is about so much more than that. The show is a psychological thriller that is almost impossible to not binge in a very long and very sleepless week. The entire series can be streamed on Amazon Prime. Pro tip for when you are watching: try not to fall in love with any of the characters. They will either die or let you down. You have been warned.

4. Sneaky Pete

This show is a surprisingly good Amazon Prime original. “Sneaky Pete” is about a professional con artist who steals the identity of his cellmate who happened to try to rob a gun range. Pete Murphy is the name of the cellmate. The con artist’s name is Marius. Of course Marius has a last name, but it is far too difficult to spell or pronounce, as demonstrated in the show. Marius, being a professional con artist, has a lot of enemies and a lot of baggage. Marius takes on Pete’s identity because it is convenient and he believes that Pete’s life may be an escape. Not to ruin the entire second season for you, but Marius is so wrong.

5. The Twilight Zone

I think it is only fitting to end with a classic. “The Twilight Zone” is a 1959 horror, supernatural, and science fiction thriller series. The show covers a diverse range of supernatural beings and circumstances. Each episode follows a new story and a new person. This show is binge worthy because not only is it incredibly vivid even in black in white, but it is also narrated by the serne voice of Rod Serling. Remember, any place and all places can be the twilight zone. The 150+ episode show can be streamed on Amazon Prime video or it can be caught on the SyFy channel.

There you have it. Five shows that are definitely worth watching. I know, many of us have summer jobs and summer classes, but you should take some time to relax and let your brain be mindless.

Cover Image Credit: The Daily Universe

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100 Of The Best Vines Of All Time

Hi, welcome to Chili's!

Not to be dramatic, but the Vine app was the best thing to ever happen to me.

The Vine app truly understood me and my extremely odd sense of humor. When it was shut down, I felt like a part of me shut down with it. Luckily, I still have the ability to reflect on the good times that I had with Vine. Although there aren't any new Vine videos keeping my spirit alive, the Vine videos from the past are enough to keep me going.

This is way overdue, but here are the 100 best Vines to ever exist (in no particular order).

1. You better stop.

2. Come get y'all juice.

3. WTF is up Kyle.

4. That is NOT correct.

5. Mr. Postman.

6. Good evening.

7. This is your space, this is your area.

8. Honestly not sure what to title this one, but it's great so.

9. Someone help Elmo.

10. Pst...what?

11. Can I get a waffle?

12. Welcome back to Jesus Christ Hotline.

13. Oooooh, my boy going to school.

14. Lebron James.

15. #1 Dad.

16. Two bros chillin' in the hot tub.

17. Iz the fourth of July.

18. You have to say that you're fine and you're not really fine.

19. Tweaka Tweaka.

20. Hi, welcome to Chili's.

21. What up, I'm Jared.

22. If you wanna be a dog, RUFF.

23. When you think you look fresh, but your fish disagrees.

24. Rat in Walmart.

25. I'm dying... without me?

26. White ppl will turn anything into a casserole.

27. So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift.

28. You want a french fry? Eat a french fry.

29. ifyoulikemakingloveatmidnight.

30. Ms. Keisha.

31. Girl you're thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

32. My cinnamon apple.

33. Two shots of vodka.

34. Whoever threw that paper.

35. Wow.

36. Do the math.

37. Rip your face off.

38. Fed up teacher.

39. You can't kill me.

40. Look at me now snake.

41. Walking a duck.

42. No matter when you pause this one, it's hilarious.

43. I don't even understand this one.

44. I dropped my hot pocket.

45. I thought you were American.

46. I can't swim.

47. I wanna be a cowboy.

48. I look like Mona Lisa.

49. Look at this graph.

50. Yungman.

51. Squidward dabbing

52. Living with Nicholas Cage.

53. If Tinder had video profiles.

54. Why you always lying.

55. Chicken wing ch-chi-chicken wing.

56. Uh my chicle.

57. Love the Nickleback version.

58. Any excuse to nae nae.

59. I want to be famous.

60. That's my opinion.

61. There she goes.

62. I have to restart my potatoes.

63. And they don't stop coming.

64. Cat horn.

65. Who is she.

66. The bob.

67. Summertime.

68. Do I look like.

69. Nice Ron.

70. Mom hearing 'Only' by Nicki Minaj for the first time.

71. Happy fourth of July.

72. I'm washing me and my clothes.

73. Nickel the creatorback.

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76. Shrek at school.

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81. Extreme makeover home edition.

82. They were roommates.

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95. When you walk past your friend's class.

96. Clear elevator jamming.

97. #RunningManChallenge

98. T-T-T-T-Target.

99. We all have a lot of laughs.

100. High school musical.

Honestly, I still can think of 100 more of the greatest vines of all time... but I guess I should stop now.

Cover Image Credit: NY Mag

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12 Not-So-Boujee Must Haves For Your First Home/Apartment, If You Want To Actually Survive

Broom > Swiffer. Trust me.


Whether a college student or just moving into your first home or apartment, here is a list of things you probably didn't know you needed.

1. Shower Curtain Rod. 

In my furnished apartment, I was thinking the past tenant would have left this item. WRONG. Walmart is going to be your best bet for getting this, I went to at least three other stores first, and none of them had it so save yourself time and just go to Walmart.

2. Organizers. 

I was lucky enough to already have one. However, drawer organizers are so important. Not only do they save space for me in my apartment and on my desk, but it acts as my nightstand. Living on the fourth floor of my apartment, the last thing I wanted to do was haul a wooden nightstand up to my room. So get an organizer that has wheels, they usually have colored drawers so they can follow whatever color scheme you have going on.

3. Wall Decorations. 

I'm usually not one worried about decorating, but the walls will feel empty without even a cheap poster from Walmart or family photos. Something about decorating just really makes it feel more like home, than if you had just an empty room.

4. Oil Diffuser.

This was new to me. However, not only does my oil diffuser give a little extra light when it's on, but my room always smells amazing now, even if the rest of the house smells like food. Scentsy pots work too, but with the oil diffusers there's less mess and you can use oils similar to DoTerra for health and mood benefits.

5. Tinfoil. 

We all eat food. And let's be honest, college students are lazy and life is so much easier when you can just throw tinfoil on top of your dish and toss it in the fridge. Especially when you're in a hurry. Yes, that's also what Tupperware is for but you also can use it for cooking in the oven.

6. Rugs. 

Most kitchens are hardwood or tile of some sort, having a rug in front of the entrance and in front of the sink are essential to creating less mess to clean. We have a lot of guests in our apartment and since we don't have carpet anywhere but our rooms, it is tough to ask for shoes off so having a rug at the front door can cut down the amount of dirt tracked in.

7. Lamps. 

Lighting can be limited in rooms so it's nice to bring some sort of extra lighting. Either a stand up lamp or just a desk lamp can make a huge difference in the lighting of your room.

8. Dry Shampoo. 

This is less of a need for your home and more of a need for you. I have recently jumped on the dry shampoo trend and it's a life-saver. If you have a long night of studying or wake up late and don't have time to wash your hair, it's a great fix and easy way to keep from looking like you are losing your mind.

9. Extension Cords. 

If you didn't figure this out in a dorm, you are now. Outlets can be in inconvenient places, and as a college student, you have to have space to plug in a laptop, printer, phone, lamps, and anything else that you need to plug in. Extension cords and power strips will solve that problem.

10. Broom. 

Yes, a broom. Not a swiffer. Sadly, if you have more dirt than dust, a swiffer will do you no good. You can get a cheap broom at just about any store that carries any cleaning supplies.

11. Paper Towel Holder. 

I mean you could go without but it does make things more convenient. Also looks nicer than just having a roll of paper towels sitting on the counter.

12. Cooking Oil. 

Super easy to forget, but used more often than you think. Cooking oil is used for so many things, and if you have a kitchen, make sure you have it. Nothing is worse than having a meal planned and finding out you don't have cooking oil.

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