5 Most Binge Worthy Netflix Originals
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5 Most Binge Worthy Netflix Originals

Happy Binge-Watching!!!

5 Most Binge Worthy Netflix Originals
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Dear White People. This show blew my mind. I watched it in a single day. It’s a quick watch, but also an important watch. It humanizes the quest for equality, educates the general public about racism (in multiple forms), and isn’t too much of a bitter pill to swallow, thanks to the humor mixed in. It’s almost a thriller, though I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s that the characters are always surprising you with their actions. Maybe it’s the fact that racism is a lot more apparent than one thinks. Maybe it’s just the fact that racism still exists. Whatever the case, it’ll suck you in.

Girl Boss. When I first watched the pilot of this show, I wasn’t hooked. But, keeping in mind that most pilots aren’t a fair representation of the show, I continued to watch, and boy was I glad I took the chance. The story of Sophia is inspiring, motivating, and hilarious. You will become attached to these characters, even though the cast is small and not always reoccurring. Your heart will break when theirs does, you’ll want to scream at them when they’re being immature, and you’ll want to jump for joy when everything seems to go right for them, even though you know that it will have to come crashing down eventually. An added bonus? RuPaul has a recurring role in the series. Sign me up.

Cable Girls. I just started this series, but already I’m hooked. This show will not be for everyone. First of all, it’s completely in Spanish. For me, a Spanish major, it’s not too bad, and the subtitles help. But for English speakers, it might be a little overwhelming, and you have to give the show your undivided attention, which is not something many people do nowadays. The mystery and intrigue of the plot, which I was not expecting, draws viewers in while also offering a critical and fascinating look at women’s rights in the 1920’s in Spain. Bonus: If you’re a fan of the telenovela “El Internado”, you’ll see some familiar faces among the cast.

Arrested Development. This isn’t a new show, but amidst it’s comedic counterparts (Parks and Rec, The Office), it’s often ignored, and unjustly so. The humor in Arrested Development isn’t obvious and it’s far from unoriginal, in fact sometimes it’s so far out there that I can’t help but laugh. The writers of this show blew me away, and continue to do so. The jokes come full circle so many times that it’s like a vicious cycle of humor.

Master of None. Rounding the list off is more of an eclectic choice. Viewers of Parks and Recreation will know Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford. But will they like him as “Dez” on his own show, Master of None? The show is heavy hitting, often taking on topics such as women’s rights and the marginalization of minorities. The Aziz that was present on Parks and Rec is less present here, so just a heads up to any people who might think they’ll always be able to see Tom Haverford (he’s there, just not as obnoxious). Master of None is not outright a comedy, it’s more of a dramedy, if you could even call that it. It is a piece of art, and definitely not for mindless viewing.

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