5 Basic Steps to Selling Your Business Idea

5 Basic Steps to Selling Your Business Idea

The term "pitch" is still unknown to most people, especially those not immersed in the world of entrepreneurship


Pitch is an objective presentation, from three to five minutes, in which the entrepreneur presents his business model in search of investors, customers or strategic partners. Pitch is about understanding what your client, in this case, the investor, is most interested in knowing, and thus developing a dialogue that allows you to connect with the potential investor's head and heart.

And what is the investor most interested in knowing? Since you will have very little time (but trust me, most of the time five minutes is forever!), You need to develop your presentation on five main topics:

1. Start with the opportunity

You should start Innovation idea by indicating what opportunity has been perceived in the market you intend to act on. The important thing here is to make it clear to potential investors that there is indeed an opportunity to be explored. Preferably supported by market data!

2. Talk about the market you intend to operate

In presenting the perceived market opportunity you should already make it clear that the market you intend to operate in if it is not already clear to you, it is unlikely to be for the investor candidate.

3. Show me your solution

Now is the key pitch moment, the moment of achievement! After presenting an invention idea, market opportunity, it is time to present the solution that you developed to meet the need for the opportunity. If it is already possible to insert samples or prototypes better

4. List Your Differentials

The most important thing here is that you are able to highlight a possible competitive differentiation or innovation factor in your business proposition. It means how your company will solve a particular problem, and the best of all worlds is that this solution is innovative, in fact, has a competitive differentiation from competitors already in the market!

5. Make a proposal to the investor

The time has come to present what the stage of your business is, what value of the investment you are looking for and where it will be used. If you already have a financial study, the better. It should be clear to the investor the need for investment: whether to expand market operations invest in disclosure and distribution, hiring a sales team, etc.

Of course, by presenting a pitch, the investor will also analyze you as an entrepreneur. Therefore, as important as clearly presenting your business, you should be able to demonstrate your knowledge of the market and industry you are targeting, and your ability to execute.

Finally, it is important to remember that there is no ready-made formula, as each investor has a distinct interest, so it is ideal that you tailor your presentation depending on your listeners' profile and your goals. And of course, test your presentation several times before performing for real: in the mirror or with friends. The important thing here is the mastery of the theme and the proposal to be presented and, of course, your self-confidence.

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