5 Areas Of Life Where The Only Opinion That Matters Is Your Own
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5 Areas Of Life Where The Only Opinion That Matters Is Your Own

You do you, boo, and let the haters hate.

5 Areas Of Life Where The Only Opinion That Matters Is Your Own

I try to be the type of person who doesn’t care what others think, but alas, I do have my moments of weakness.

The reason I want to be someone who doesn’t care what others think about me is that I can’t please everyone and the opinion that matters most is my own. I should be happy with who I am, proud of my abilities and accomplishments, and confident in myself, but always know that I have room to grow.

Here are five things where I think the only opinion that matters is my own, and why you should too.

1. When you’ve tried your hardest.

You’ve put your heart and soul into the work you’ve done and it still doesn’t meet everyone’s standards? Who gives a crap? There’s nothing more you can do, and really, there’s nothing more that can be asked of you. You gave it your everything, and if someone isn’t pleased with that, that’s their problem.

2. When someone criticizes your style.

Ok ladies, listen up. I know we can all be super hard on ourselves because we want to look good and feel confident, yet somehow, there always seems to be one individual who has to criticise your appearance. “Your heels are too high." "You’re showing too much skin." "Those pants don’t flatter your figure.” Here’s the thing. I’m much more of a comfort over style girl. If I can be comfortable a little more dressed up and also comfortable going about my business for the day looking like I just crawled out of bed, why should I care that Ms. "Always-Looks-Fly" gave me the stink eye?

For reference, I have actually gone to the store with my best friend dressed in our Halloween party onesies because we didn’t want to be bothered with having to change.

3. What you eat.

I know there are people in this world who believe that to be healthy you need to cut carbs, fats, sugar, gluten, or whatever else, but that’s not necessarily true. I personally believe its all about balance. I’ve cut back on the carbs because my body doesn't like them even though my taste buds surely do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my cheat meals...or cheat days. As long as you’re healthy and happy you shouldn’t be bothered by what other people think about you’re eating. You enjoy that burger and fries or that ice cream sundae!

4. What you do for a living.

So what if your job isn't the most prestigious? What does matter is that your job affords you enough cash to provide for yourself and your family and that you enjoy it. Plus, the more prestigious the job, the higher the stress level. I don’t know about you, but “stress-free” or “low stress” environment has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

5. How clean your home is.

Ok, a clean home is important, but so is living your life. I for one don’t want to work full time and then on my days off spend the entire time cleaning. I also want to see my friends and participate in activities I really enjoy. Not only that, but I don’t understand how people can keep their homes spotless without dishing out a large sum for a cleaning service. I mean, are you never home or are you always? Where are all your dishes disappearing to? What about your throw blankets? I guess you can say my home style is definitely “lived in.”

So, just do you boo, and let the haters hate.

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