5 Apps Every Student Needs on Their iPad

5 Apps Every Student Needs on Their iPad

Best iPad App for Students

Looking for the best iPad apps that help through your studies? There are millions of apps are available over on the App store. No matter what you are looking for they are categorized on various niche like Education, Sports, Entertainment, Business, etc.

Following are the best five applications that every iPhone and iPad user should have:

1. iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is one of the most important apps for any student, but especially for those in college or other higher education. It is a planning application that allows you to carefully schedule all of your responsibilities, lectures hours or other important dates.With it, only can you ensure you never miss an exam or assignment, you could also jot down your mother’s birthday so you won’t forget! Best of all? Its only 3 USD!

2. ExpressVPN

Student life is one of contrasts, from research to Netflix, “personal time” to online banking. ExpressVPN helps with each, ensuring that you are not only able to unblock all geo-restricted content, but also hide your digital foot print regardless of what you are doing at that time. Subscriptions are as low as 8 USD per month if you subscribe annually, and that is a cheap price for a service that helps with every element of your digital life.

3. Evernote

Evernote enables you to send voice notes, pictures, and content into a cloud-based application that composes the text. It has a great syncing support system, also enables to access notes from different servers not only on your phone, but from different websites. Its main purpose is to organize the notes/data in an effective manner that can be accessed from anywhere.

4. The Elements

The Elements is an educational app that helps students studying science and technology. This applications teaches you everything from 3D vectors to periodic table, and a myriad of other science-related topics. Simply it makes learning interactive. At about 14 USD (or around 10% of a typical textbook), it is quite a bargain.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud data storage application that stores all your important files and documents. When you sign up, you get a 2GB of free storage although you’d have to pay for more storage. And to honest, most of you are already (should already be) using Dropbox anyways!

Now a days, educational app development market is booming. Definitely check out the above applications and let us know what your best picks apps for iPad are.

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9 Things You Hate Hearing If You're A Female Engineering Major

2. "Oh, you must not be very social..."

Whenever someone asks what my major is, I have to remind myself not to sigh like I just dropped my pizza facedown on the ground. I love being a mechanical engineer, but I hate the preconceived notions that come with the territory, especially being a girl. It's 2018 now, shouldn't most stereotypes be left behind already? But alas, if you're a female engineering student you can probably relate to the 9 things we hear below that give life to the bitch faces we wear most of the time.

1. "I think you're in the wrong class."

It's no secret that men outnumber us women in the engineering field, but that will never change the cringe-worthy stares you get when you cross the threshold and only see guys sitting down. It's hard to reel in the bitch slap when someone actually thinks you're lost.

2. "Oh, you must not be very social..."

Our work literally revolves around communicating with people most of the time. We tend to work so much that we seek out people just to have a conversation that's not math-related. Most of us are the life of the party when it comes down to it.

3. "But you're hot!"

Gasp, girls can be pretty and smart?!

Someone alert the media.

4. "You should let a guy use the power tools."

This one irks me every time. Anyone can use power tools with the right training and a little common sense.

AKA, don't let guys use the power tools.

5. "How are you single with all the guys there?"

Yes, we're surrounded by guys, but that doesn't mean we just randomly drop our standards. Plus, between assignments, homework, studying and trying to sneak in a couple parties over the weekend, we're left with about no time to date anyone.

6. "You're doing it for the money, right?"

You can't be an engineer and not like it. If you're not interested in what you're learning about, odds are you're going to change majors or drop out, especially when it takes up most of your time.

7. "You must be really into nerdy stuff."

It's not like we're reading textbooks and doing practice problems as a hobby. We're usually into the opposite of nerdy stuff because we get so much of it in class each day.

8. "Are you sure that's right?"

We spend 18 hours a week, sometimes more, studying. It's exhausting trying to explain a problem when the guy already thinks it's wrong. Don't waste our time, take your trust issues and google them away on your own time.

9. "You must have a ton of scholarship money."

If they gave out scholarships just for picking a hard major, then yeah we'd have 'a ton.' But, like every other teen applying for college and scholarships, we actually have to earn it.

Crazy, right?

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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