5 Activities To Do By Yourself
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5 Activities To Do By Yourself

Be Kind To Yourself

5 Activities To Do By Yourself

Somehow, someone along the way assumed and tried to convince everyone out there that there's a great sense of shame in doing certain activities on your own especially when they were "designed" to be done with someone or a group of friends. I disagree, just like you would spend one on one time with a friend, it is important to dedicate time to spend by yourself. Being at home, all alone and bored doesn't fit my description there are plenty of things that you can do by yourself and still have fun while doing them.

1. Yoga for everyone

On sunday, I went to a candle-lit yoga class. It was later in the night and I didn't see myself participating in the going out to a show, to a club or to anywhere extremely far. It wasn't in me that night to do those activities. All I wanted to do was to get in touch with how I was feeling and focus a little bit on myself. I am so glad I did it. I came out of yoga feeling refreshed, ready to experience anything that was about to come in to my life.

2. Dinner for one

"I will never be caught dining at a restaurant by myself" To that, I give a big question mark. Why? What is so horrible about spending quality time with yourself. "Well, if you are dinning by yourself, why not just take it to go?" Well, going to a restaurant is about enjoying the venue, the atmosphere and ambience of that certain place and most importantly the cuisine. Why should you punish yourself, and skip all of that just because you didn't show up with someone by your side. Don't deny the things that you want to do just because someone put inside your head that there are certain things that can't be done alone.

Remember that if you thing something is awkward then it will be. How you think about a certain situation determines the outcome.

3. Movie, anyone?

Think about this scenario. It's a fairly early sunday morning. You walk into a semi empty movie theatre. One of the movies you have been dying to see is about to play. You purchase your ticket, the price is lower than you have ever paid before on account that it is so early. You buy something to eat or you whip out breakfast out of your bag, the choice is yours here. You walk into the designated room where you know your movie will be playing, your pause for a second looking at all the empty seats and glorifying the fact that you have so many choices. You pick the seat that for you, is the best. You take out your knitted blanket, put your feet up and get ready to enjoy.

I literally just described one of my Sundays. And why not treat yourself to that. Try it once and see the feeling that you get from it.

4. Comedy time

There's nothing easier than connecting through laughter. It can be a friend, a family member, the love of your life or a perfect stranger. There's also something unique about a comedian sharing his thought process about a random thing or describing a scenario that he/she has lived and sometimes you have as well. If you thrive on personal exchange, you don't need to rally people, just bring yourself to whatever Comedy show is happening and giggle your heart out.

And remember, there's nothing more beautiful than letting yourself be yourself.

5. Poetry or concert

So, you like poetry and love to see how other people express themselves. Even, better you found this amazing poetry event or low key concert happening tonight. One problem, none of your friends can come with you. Is it a problem though? What not just go? Yes, going with friends can be hell of fun. But it doesn't mean that going by yourself can't be fun either. Just go and experience something new, always.

That is all that I have on this topic. Let me know if you have any other activities that you like to do yourself or if you face challenges spending time on your own.

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