Dear person who told me I couldn't,

I am not going to say your name, or say how I knew you. I am not going to give that to you.

You told me things that no middle schooler needs to hear about their other parent. Trying to get me to turn on my own family the same way you did.

You said that we were no much alike because we both came from split families. But yet you are the one that made it so I wasn't able to visit.

You told me that with everything I did was wrong, no matter how many time I did it everything I did was wrong.

You wanted to be in charge of someone you had no power over.

You played mind tricks with because you had the "schooling" and knew what was "wrong" and how it could be "fixed. But really you just wanted to keep your control over me.

You said I had an eating disorder and kept bringing it up over and over.

You told me that I would never had a serious relationship because I was just looking for the affection of a male that didn't have.

You said I was a terrible writer in middle school and I believed you.

You said I could only watch certain shows because you didn't want "that stuff to be brought in here."

You did anything you wanted which included cleaning my room when I wasn't there doing who knows what. But I found out that you were going through my stuff because stuff went missing. Along with cleaning my room you would mess with my stuff just to get under my skin.

So when I decided I have had enough you hated it, because you realized you lost the control and you hated that.

You hated that you couldn't manipulate me anymore.

You hated that I completely went against you not listening to you anymore.

You went colder than ever which was fine because I didn't care anymore.

Even after you were cut out of my life you still tried to keep in contact. Sending gifts for the holidays. Sending text massages.

You were trying to come back into my life and that was not going to happen.

In high school I was taking college level English classes no thanks to you one bit

Now look I am writing articles. Guess I wasn't that bad after all.

I hope you somehow see this to know that I am doing so much better in life without you in it.

I have learned from you to look out for those signs of taking control over someone else's life. Going from yelling and screaming, to buying presents and being happy for a bit, and then it all happens over again.

I now know that I never want to be with someone or be friends with someone that was like you.


The girl who overcame you.