4th of july best holiday

1. You are with your family all day!

I love being able to see my family. Even if some of my family members are out of town, they get the opportunity to come to where I am, and I get the opportunity to be with them! Being with family on an incredible holiday is always a gift.

2. The food is to die for.

Fourth of July always reminds me of amazing food. My favorite meal is a cheeseburger and french fries, and my family always has this on the 4th! Not to mention the pigs-in-blankets, and watermelon.

3. The parades are the best out of any holiday!

The best parades are on the 4th of July. There is so much patriotic energy, and everyone is dressed in red, white, and blue. I am a very passionate individual, and being surrounded by others who are passionate about their country always makes me feel at home.

4. The day is alway filled with fun activities.

Whether you spend your 4th of July swimming in the ocean or tossing a football in the backyard, the 4th of July is always filled with fun. My family and I are always doing something to celebrate the United States of America and everything we are thankful for.


The fireworks are always one of my favorite parts of the 4th of July. They inly come around once a year, and they are always breathtaking. Watching them illuminate on the water always brings me joy.

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