48 Signs You're From North Carolina

48 Signs You're From North Carolina

Old North State Forever.

North Carolina is a beautiful, wonderful state. From mountains to beaches, to UNC to Duke, there is nothing mediocre about the great Tar Heel state. If you were raised in North Carolina, you should be able to identify with the following:

1. You either have the lighthouse or the plane on your drivers license (Nobody gets the seal).

2. You roll your eyes and correct people that pronounce it "App-a-LAY-shun" instead of "App-a-LATCH-un."

3. You have probably been to the Biltmore Estate (AKA America's only castle) before on a school field trip.

4. If there is even a CHANCE of snow school will be cancelled for a week, the grocery store will be out of milk and bread, and everyone will be afraid to drive.

5. You either like light blue or dark blue, not both.

6. Or you like red.

7. Some of your family members probably make/sell real moonshine and it's WAY better than that knock-off crap they sell in gas stations now.

8. Cook Out is life.

9. You have waited in line in your car for two or three hours just to see a street of Christmas lights in McAdenville (AKA Christmastown, USA).

10. In elementary school you heard the phrases "Duke is puke! Wake is fake! But NC State is the one we hate!" and "You can't get to heaven in a red canoe 'cause God's favorite color is CAROLINA BLUE!" thanks to your obnoxious UNC-loving classmates.

11. Billy Graham is a state-wide hero and you've probably been to his beautiful library.

12. You often wonder why Charlotte isn't the capital instead of Raleigh.

13. Two of God's greatest gifts were invented in North Carolina: Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

14. NASCAR is a big deal.

15. In school there was importance placed on the Lost Colony, Blackbeard, and tobacco.

16. It doesn't matter what time of year you go swimming in the mountains, the river water is always freezing.

17. You've been to Sliding Rock before.

18. "Wagon Wheel" (by Old Crow Medicine Show) is a very important song to you and you knew it way before Darius Rucker covered it.

19. Occasionally, you have to worry about a hurricane destroying your town.

20. Bojangles is the best way to cure a hangover.

21. We love going "All the way," AKA chili, slaw, onions, and mustard on our hotdogs.

22. You brag about all the amazing movies filmed here, including "The Last of the Mohicans," "Dirty Dancing," "The Hunger Games," "A Walk to Remember," "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby," and "The Color Purple."

23. And also the popular TV shows filmed in North Carolina, including "One Tree Hill," "Homeland," "Under the Dome," "Sleepy Hollow" and
"Dawson's Creek."

24. You rep 23 because the greatest basketball player of all time is also from here: Michael Jordan.

25. There are two kinds of barbecue: Eastern-style and Lexington-style, and you probably have a preference. Either way, North Carolina has the best barbecue in the country.

26. And barbecue is a NOUN, not a verb.

27. We have some of the best breweries in the country, also.

28. The ACC tournament is an extremely important time of the year where families and friendships will be torn apart.

29. Many people think North Carolina is super conservative, until they make their way to Asheville.

30. There's nothing more relaxing than driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Fall.

31. You've definitely been to Carowinds and then realized it's not that great.

32. Every hour is happy hour to you, because North Carolina legally cannot have an official happy hour!

33. You can always see a lovely dogwood tree blooming in the spring.

34. You will fight anyone who says Ohio was first in flight.

35. You get annoyed at people who are all of the sudden Panthers fans this year because they're doing well. Meanwhile, you were a Panthers fan even when they were 1-15.

36. If you need to buy furniture, there are only two places to go: Hickory or High Point.

37. You know the North Carolina mountains are the best and only place to get a Christmas tree.

38. You know the struggle of waiting to get your after 9's when you first get your driver's license.

39. There is no shortage of places to go hiking because we have so many beautiful national forests.

40. Even though we're on the coast, most people go to the beach in South Carolina.

41. You think the Rocky Mountains are great, but the Blue Ridge Mountains are home.

42. Tracking red clay into your house is normal.

43. You had to memorize the names of all the North Carolina lighthouses in 4th grade.

44. You either conquered the swinging mile-high bridge on Grandfather Mountain, or turned around halfway in fear.

45. There's a certain time of summer when it's too hot to even go swimming because the pool water feels like bathwater.

46. People from other states get confused when you say you're going to Beech and grab your skiing gear.

47. You know our state motto "esse quam videri" (meaning "to be, rather than to seem") is an appropriate representation of our great state.

48. You are proud to be a North Carolinian and wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else.

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Typical Ways You May Be Feeling Post Study Abroad

Normal things you may be feeling after returning home from a semester abroad.

I'm sure that many people can agree that spending time in a foreign country takes a lot of adjustment and getting used to. I'm sure that many people can also agree that the adjustment back at home after being abroad can be just as challenging. I spent this past semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy, something that has always been a dream of mine.

It's crazy how quickly my time abroad flew by and that I'm sitting here today reminiscing on all of the amazing adventures that I took part in just 4 short months ago. My time at home post abroad has given me lots of time to reflect on my experiences and feel all different sorts of emotions.

Before I got to Italy, I thought that I would never want to come home. Nothing's better than eating pasta every day, strolling the streets of the birthplace of Renaissance, or traveling to a different country each weekend for such cheap prices. However, as the weeks went by I found myself missing my family, my friends, and the American lifestyle more and more each day, which made me excited for my departure date.

My time and experiences abroad were indescribable, but I was ready to come home. However, now I'm becoming more and more nostalgic of my time abroad as the days go by. Many people that I know have recently arrived in Florence to study abroad for the Spring Semester. Social media outlets, such as, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat allow me to watch them live a life very similar to the one that I was living just a few months ago, and its hard not to get just a little bit jealous of them. It's weird to not be watching the sunset over the city.

It's weird to not be walking down the cobblestone streets with a gelato in hand. It's weird to not be in my home away from home. Part of me wishes that I was back in Europe, but I also have so many exciting things to look forward to being back in the United States.

It's safe to say that Florence stripped me of every cent that I had to my name, so I was very excited to get back to work and attempt to make back all of the money that I spent while abroad. I enjoy keeping busy on my school vacations, so I have been trying to pick up as many shifts at work as possible. It's nice to get back on an actual schedule, and it was just as nice getting to catch up with all of my coworkers.

I was able to go running and workout a few times while I was abroad, but due to all of my weekend travels, there wasn't as much time for it as there is back at home. I can proudly say that I ate my way through Europe, so I was certainly ready and excited to get back into that gym grind. Nothing feels better and more accomplishing than getting back in the gym after taking some time off, especially when that time was accompanied by gelato, pasta, and pizza.

I haven't been at school since last May. While I was abroad, I took fairly simple classes, so that I would have as much time as possible to travel around Europe and explore Florence, so it may be a bit challenging adjusting back into my typical study schedule.

I may regret this statement in a few months when midterms roll around, but I'm excited to get back on a more academic and rigorous school schedule. I am a student who needs structure in regards to academics, so it will be challenging but nice to get back into the swing of my typical course load and difficulty.

Lastly, I am feeling excited to see all of my friends and family who I haven't seen since before my trip. I can't wait to hear about what's been going on in their lives and to tell them about all of my abroad adventures. Being back at home with my family is great and makes me realize how much I missed them while I was gone.

I'm excited to get back to school and see everyone who I have been away from for so long. It is a bit scary heading back to school after being away for so long, but I know that everything will fall right back into place quickly.

Studying abroad was a once and a lifetime opportunity, and I have no regrets. I learned so much about myself and about the world around me, but I also learned to appreciate everything that I have back at home.

Cover Image Credit: Author's photo

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