47 Questions For Lehigh University
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47 Questions For Lehigh University


47 Questions For Lehigh University

Even after almost two years at Lehigh there are still some questions that seem I'll never find the answer to. Weird smells, the food, the bus system, there are questions about all of them. Some may be unanswerable but others I'm asking just out of pure curiosity. Most of the questions, though they may be trivial, have to do with what makes Lehigh, Lehigh. So, I want to know:

1. Why does Lower Cents always smell weird?

2. Who decided that the Dravo stairs were an acceptable walking path?

3. Why is Lower Court closed on weekends when it has the superior food?

4. When did Chicken Finger Friday become a thing?

5. Who decorates Rathbone for holidays?

6. Why does Hawk's Nest stop taking meal swipes at a certain time?

7. Why is Hawk's Nest always out of the good milkshake flavors?

8. What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened in Hawk's Nest?

9. Why is the crêpe lady so great?

10. Why did you make some stairs those awkward giant ones where you always have to use the same leg?

11. Why are the stairs in Christmas-Saucon so steep?

12. What is the longest amount of time anyone has ever gotten lost in Chandler-Ullman?

13. Why is Lucy's closed on Saturdays?

14. Why does the Linderman Rotunda require a blanket in the winter?

15. Why is that weird little nook on the 3rd floor of Linderman near the bathrooms there?

16. How did I not know I could print from my own laptop until sophomore year?

17. Why are my grades never on Course Site during the year?

18. Are they trying to make them a guessing game for the end of the semester?

19. Why does finding a seat in the library turn into World War III during 4 o'clocks/finals?

20. Why 1:31 a.m. for University Announcements?

21. Does anyone actually read the University Announcements?

22. Who changes the inSTALLments?

23. Why is it always impossible to get on the 12 o'clock bus unless you get on at the Packer Ave. stop?

24. Why do all three bus routes stop in front of A Phi and Phi Delt but only one stops near the bottom half of the hill?

25. When did the A Chi O bus stop suddenly become a thing?

26. Do the buses still make the 12 minute loop if they actually stop at every single stop?

27. Why did you repaint every bus for the 150th anniversary just to have to repaint all of them again this year?

28. Why are there so many different types of cars owned by the University?

29. Wouldn't you just get one standard type?

30. Isn't that cheaper?

31. Why does House 104/Old FIJI have a jail cell in the basement?

32. Why do I always trip and fall in that one ditch in front of House 104?

33. Why is Rauch like a whole different planet?

34. Why is driving around campus at 4 o'clock always a nightmare?

35. How much do you spend on snow removal?

36. Why are some stairs always shoveled so perfectly when it snows and others are just like slushy lumps?

37. Why are Lehigh Squirrels significantly meaner than the average squirrel?

38.Why did a bunch of frats suddenly decide to get dogs?

39. Why did Sig Ep have a goat?

40. Why do we call it grain?

41. What exactly is the deal with the police horses? Are they Lehigh or Bethlehem or like... why?


43. Why is the Mountain Hawk mascot named Clutch?

44. Why does P1 sell Ziplock bags full of rice?

45. Why do people still go to P1 if it's so suspicious?

46. Why did you ever move parties off the hill?

47. Why do we call the hill "the hill" when IT IS LITERALLY A MOUNTAIN?

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