47 Apartment-Warming Gifts That Are Perfect For College Kids
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47 Apartment-Warming Gifts That Are Perfect For College Kids

I cannot stress this enough: KNOW THEIR COLOR SCHEME, AND STICK TO IT.

47 Apartment-Warming Gifts That Are Perfect For College Kids

When I moved into my first apartment last year, I remember having absolutely nothing. No rugs, no silverware, no food, nothing. Because I was moving in just a few short weeks before Christmas, my mom wouldn't let me buy anything. I had to wait until Christmas to even get a coffee machine!

If you have any friends who are moving into apartments this time of year, here is a list of some of the ideal essentials to buy them! After all, "too many dryer sheets" isn't a thing.

1. Paper plates

2. Plastic cups

3. Plastic utensils

4. Cook book

5. Recipe box full of recipes

6. Cleaning sponges

7. Dish towels

8. Measuring cups

9. Measuring spoons

10. Mixing bowls

11. Whisks, stirring spoon, set of knives, etc

12. Potholders and oven mitts

13. Mugs

14. Coffee maker or Keurig

15. K-cups

16. Tea pot

17. Tea bags and honey

19. Cleaning supplies

20. Storage bins and containers

21. Vacuum

22. Hangers

23. Hanging shoe organizer

24. Hanging shower organizer

25. Jewelry organizer

26. Makeup organizer

27. Bathroom shelving unit

28. Towels and washcloths

29. Hand soap and lotion

30. Air freshener

31. Dryer sheets and laundry detergent

32. Laundry basket

33. Broom and mop

34. Hanging calendar

35. Coat hooks

36. Placemats

37. Coasters

38. Pictures to hang on the walls

39. Photos in cute frames

40. Box fan

41. Decorative pillows

42. Throw blanket

43. Phone cords

44. DVD player (if your TV doesn't have one)

45. Candles or a diffuser

46. Succulents

47. Gift cards to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Hobby Lobby, and Target

Looking for a gift for that college student in your life? Did he or she just move into their first apartment? They'll thank you a million times for buying them something useful like a vacuum. Unless they don't use a vacuum... College kids can be kind of messy.

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