45 Thoughts We All Have While Watching 'Jane The Virgin'
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45 Thoughts We All Have While Watching 'Jane The Virgin'

This show is ruining my life, in a good way.

45 Thoughts We All Have While Watching 'Jane The Virgin'

"Jane The Virgin" has quickly become one of the CW's most popular shows. What's not to love about it? The series follows a young Florida woman who becomes artificially inseminated and has a baby, but also, happens to be a virgin. The dramedy features characters both endearing and entertaining: Jane's long-estranged father, Rogelio, a lovably vain telenovela star, never fails to provoke a laugh; Jane's young mother Xiomara is caring, blunt and witty. Add in a consistently convoluted plot, the beautiful Gina Rodriguez, an adorable baby and a slew of great leading men, and you have one fantastic show.

Here are some things that always run through my mind during an episode of "Jane the Virgin."No matter which episode you watch, you're in for a crazy ride.

1. Matteo is such a cute baby.


3. Who is this narrator, though? Can we see his face?

4. Rafael is definitely the right guy for Jane.

5. Never mind. It's Michael. Michael is the one for her!

6. Just kidding, I can't decide.

7. Jane's outfits are always on point.

8. Petra's hair even looks perfect when she's stressed and in serious peril.

9. How can I get my hair to look like that?

10. Seriously, what product is she using?

11. Jane can't look this put-together while caring for an infant. It just can't be possible!

12. Okay, Jane, you're going a little boy-crazy.


14. Typical. Yet again, Jane's boy-craziness has started another awkward situation.

15. Everyone on this show needs to calm down.

16. Rogelio really does rock the color purple.

17. Xiomara is total mom goals.

18. I love my mom.

19. Wait, now we're with Petra again.


21. I actually like Petra.

22. Just kidding, Petra has once again ruined my fondness by doing something mean (or straight-up crazy).

23. Then again, she's only mean because she's had such a hard life.

24. Rafael and Petra are actually cute together. Forget Jane!

25. Jane can have Michael.

26. Is it hard for Xiomara to watch Rogelio having fake-sex with other women on TV?

27. Xiomara and Rogelio are the perfect couple.

28. Now the plot is focusing on Jane's boy problems again?

29. Jane thinks WAY too much.

30. Jane just made things awkward with a boy again.

31. Where is Matteo? WHO'S WATCHING THE BABY?

32. I love this narrator. He's a hoot.

33. Jane's grandmother is adorable.

34. Time for a mother-daughter-grandmother chat on the porch swing!

35. I keep forgetting she's a virgin, because of the whole baby thing.

36. Good for her for sticking to her beliefs.

37. But still, that's really confusing.

38. I'm glad I took Spanish in high school.

39. I almost forgot about the whole drug trade thing. Why haven't we heard more about Sin Rostro?

40. Something suspenseful is about to happen. The music is suspenseful.

41. I hope nobody dies.

42. They're not going to end the episode here, are they?

43. No, no, no, no. They ended the episode there.

44. I hate this show.

45. Just kidding. I actually love this show.

"I'm never watching this show again," I think to myself as I click on the next episode. The day to give up guilty pleasures is, most definitely, not today.

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