44 Things We Won't Miss About the Residence Halls
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Student Life

44 Things We Won't Miss About the Residence Halls

This hair in the sink is getting annoying.

44 Things We Won't Miss About the Residence Halls
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It's called a residence hall because you live there, where as a dormitory you just sleep there. Even though we spend a lot of time in residence halls, that doesn't make them the ideal place to live. Here's what students who live in the residence halls won't miss this summer.

1. Community Bathrooms.

2. Campus food.

3. Sleeping three feet away from your roommate.

4. Parking a mile away from your building, literally when you're parked at the stadium.

5. Never having easy access to food.

6. Twin sized beds.

7. Hair, hair everywhere.

This one might be female specific, but whether in the bathrooms or on the floor there is hair everywhere.

8. Noisy neighbors.

9. Quiet hours.

It's hard to obey quiet hours when Cinco de Mayo just happens to fall on a thirsty Thursday.

10. RAs that are crazy writing people up.

11. Not being able to have alcohol in the room.

12. Tiny closet space.

13. Spending $2.75 to wash a pair of pants, three shirts and four pairs of underwear.

14. Crappy air conditioning unit.

15. Subpar housekeeping.

16. Area desk mailing system.

17. Room keys.

First into the building, then up the elevator, then into your room.

18. Rosie's.

Okay you might miss it if you're drunk and craving mozzarella sticks at 3 a.m. but you won't miss stepping in either cheese or (perhaps) bodily fluid every night.

19. Security.

20. Everything is fried.

21. Having to pretend like you like everyone on the floor.

22. Trashed lounges.

So much for a study space.

23. Having limited ways to rearrange your bedroom.

24. Being "sexiled."

25. One ply toilet paper.

26. Only having a microwave to cook.

Never take a kitchen for granted

27. Running out of utensils.

Eating cereal out of a cup with a fork. #college

28. People touching your laundry.

I just put my shirt in the dryer, so why are you moving it?

29. Bugs in the worst places.

30. Dust that recreates every hour.

31. Messy roommates.

32. No candles

Just let make my room smell like leather bound books and rich mahogany.

33. No pets

I just want more dog in my life.

34. Practically living in a box.

35. Fire safety bullsh*t.

I'm going to hang as many Christmas lights as I want, OK? OK.

36. Not wanting to bring back that cutie from the bar.

Can we go to your place instead?

37. Having to show your ID in Tri-Towers after midnight on the weekends.

No sir, I just walked all the way across campus in my pajamas to come to Rosie's. Yes I do live here.

38. Being charged for sh*t that you didn't break.

39. Athletes that think they own everything.

40. Minimal space to study.

41. That smelly kid next door.

42. Getting locked out more than three times a semester.

43. RAs that don't do anything.

As great as an RA who isn't going to write you up is, I would rather you report that whole in my wall.

44. Residence halls in general.

Living in the residence halls is a great experience, but it gets really old really fast. It's gives the full effect of the "college experience" but one year is enough. The residence halls will not be missed this summer.

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