1. Summer isn't, "What internship did you get?" but, “What camp are you working at?"

2. Chacos are a common clothing item.

3. The “MRS. degree" is all too real.

4. "Ring by spring" is a lifestyle.

5. On that note, half the seniors you know are engaged or about to be engaged.

6. When bored, you find entertainment in all the wedding videos on your newsfeed.

7. Nothing is a bigger compliment than someone telling you how "intentional" you are.

8. It's not who is hooking up with who, but who is being “pursued" by who.

9. ENOing happens everywhere on campus.

10. It's also a compliment to be called "granola."

11. People are always asking, “Hey, wanna join my life group?"

12. It's normal for girls to post pictures of their friends without themselves in the picture, captioned: “I just love doing life with this girl."

13. If you don't go to church, you are probably missing the biggest social event of the week.

14. You no longer have “school friends" and “church friends" like you did in high school. Now they are the same group.

15. The only thing prettier than the girls are the girls' moms.

16. Southern accents are everywhere.

17. You already knew some of your friends from your summer camp growing up.

18. You commonly hear, “Do you think she drinks?"

19. Finding the church for you at college is like finding "the one."

20. However, there are those girls who think they found the “one" on her second day of college.

21. There's always that one guy who claims God told him you were "the one."

22. You don't know one Democrat.

23. Just kidding, there's that one guy in your political science class always ready to share his opinion.

24. There is that one church you just “don't click with" but still respect.

25. Chapel was mandatory for a part of your college experience.

26. “Are you going to Passion this year?"

27. Don't even try to break the visitation hour rule.

28. Your main goal is just to find a boy with a servant's heart.

29. GoFundMe is usually on your Facebook newsfeed for people excited to be the “hands and feet of Jesus."

30. Even guys are into the ring by spring phenomenon, and will tell you about a girl who is “so wife material."

31. Jesus Calling is on everyone's Snapchat stories.

32. Your most-liked Instagram is when you took a picture of your Bible, your coffee, and that Bible verse it took you 20 minutes to write in your Devo book.

33. It's not unusual to see people rocking animal shirts around campus.

34. Most girls never go a day without their XL sorority T-shirt.

35. You never worried about people stealing your clothes in your laundry room, sometimes strangers even folded them for you.

36. There is always the one guy who wears his “Reagan-Bush" frat tank daily.

37. Your professor actually knows when you aren't at class and will email you.

38. When you have a big problem, the best advice you can get is “Pray about it."

39. Chances are, you made your best friends when you all shared your testimony with each other.

40. Bob Goff quotes are everywhere.

41. Your professors end their emails with either “God Bless" or “In His Name."

42. Christian Hipster is more than a look or a Twitter handle, it is a lifestyle.

43. When people from home ask why you choose this college you say “for the Christian atmosphere."

But the number one way you know you go to a Christian University is that you love being surrounded by people pursuing Christ daily. You chose the university because of how centered it was on Christ, and you do not regret it one bit.