42 Poems Every Female College Student Needs To Read

42 Poems Every Female College Student Needs To Read

If there's anything that can help shed some light and truth on our lives, it's poetry.


Let's face it: life is hard. And as a female college student, I can attest to the fact that sometimes, being a girl doesn't make it any easier. With so many pressures to fit in, to look a certain way, to discover ourselves, and decide our futures at such a young age, it’s no surprise that we often find ourselves in a dark place. But, April was National Poetry Month, and if there’s anything that can help shed some light and truth on our lives, it’s poetry. Here are 42 mini poems I've collected throughout the month of April that every college girl needs to read:

1. "She found herself" by Atticus

2. "I hope" by Unknown

3. "I want a life" by Tyler Knott Gregson

4. "93 Percent Stardust" by Nikita Gill

5. "Be patient" by Billy Chapata

6. "And you were just like the moon" by Sarah Boswell

7. "Your art" by Rupi Kaur

8. "I am pretty passionate" by Christopher Poindexter

9. "Never place a welcome mat" by Billy Chapata

10. "I have never yet" by Tyler Knott Gregson

11. "Angels" by Lang Leav

12. "She was fierce" by R.M. Drake

13. "Darling, lay a red carpet" by Billy Chapata

14. "I am water" by Rupi Kau

15. "When will we learn" by Tyler Knott Gregson

16. "The Journey" by Mary Oliver

17. "Love her" by Atticus

18. "You will not confine me" by Tess Carcaldi

19. "Even broken windows" by Tyler Knott Gregson

20. "The universe" by Christopher Poindexter

21. "Do not look for healing" by Rupi Kaur

22. "Darling, your love" by Billy Chapata

23. "Love" by Lang Leav

24. "The sunlight" by Tyler Knott Gregson

25. "We all move forward" by Rupi Kaur

26. "Then, she began to breathe" by R.M. Drake

27. "B" by Sarah Kay

28. "I hold a hope" by Christopher Poindexter

29. "She's soft" by Billy Chapata

30. "I want to apologize" by Rupi Kaur

31. "I cannot fathom" by Tyler Knott Gregson

32. "New Beginnings" by Lang Leav

33. "Spice Cabinet" by Tess Carcaldi

34. "No more lukewarm connections" by Billy Chapata

35. "How beautifully blind" by R.M. Drake

36. "It was when I stopped searching" by Rupi Kaur

37. "What if" by Tyler Knott Gregson

38. "The Type" by Sarah Kay

39. "Be your own best friend" by Billy Chapata

40. "What is stronger" by Rupi Kaur

41. "Oh what we see" by Tyler Knott Gregson

42. "What's the greatest lesson a woman should learn?" by Rupi Kaur

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