Being a Senior and having graduation approaching way too fast, I started to reflect on all the questions I (and many classmates) have acquired over the 4 years at Coastal Carolina University. And although they could be simply answered with "because it's not College, it's Coastal", I decided to share them anyway.

  1. Why is there always so much construction?
  2. Why do you chose to do said construction the week ALL the students come back to campus instead of the weeks we are NOT?
  3. Why do I feel like I’m entering the Hunger Games every time I go to find parking?
  4. Do you know that we drive behind people walking to their cars just so we can take their spot when they leave?
  5. Why are the advisors in certain departments not helpful whatsoever?
  6. Who is Wendy Singleton?
  7. Who allowed Wendy Singleton to be in charge of sending emails?
  8. Why does Wendy Singleton send so. many. emails?
  9. Why does Wall have so many steps?
  10. Why does our campus flood on every lawn, every road, every area, every time it rains?
  11. Why do incoming freshman get to live in dorms that look like castles when 2 years ago the dorms looked more like jail cells.
  12. Who decided to give Hicks a soft serve ice cream machine? No seriously, thank you.
  13. Why don’t we do the kiddie tub of ice from Freshman Orientation more often?
  14. Am I the only one the enjoys UP Cafe’s wraps?
  15. Why are there potholes everywhere?
  16. Why does no one know what crosswalks are and how to use them?
  17. Why is parking literally THE WORST?
  18. Again with the construction? Do you know how many pedestrians I have had to avoid hitting while trying to avoid the Tetris of cones?!
  19. Who made the layout of Edwards and why am I a Senior and still getting lost in that building?
  20. What is the purpose of Singleton Building?
  21. Why does Public Safety live for giving outrageously priced tickets for literally every possible parking citation?
  22. Why does Smith Science Building smell so weird?
  23. Is it even Spring Semester if every Saturday isn’t celebrated with a darty?
  24. Why is Kimble never quiet?
  25. Who named the library Club K? Because that could be why it’s never quiet, just sayin’...
  26. How many doors does Williams-Brice truly have?
  27. You do realize that Overflow parking is practically parking on 501, right?
  28. Why does our wifi suck so bad?
  29. And why does said wifi always quarantine you, every. single. semester? What did I do to deserve this?
  30. Why does a meal in CINO cost the same as like 2 large lattes if you don’t have a meal plan?
  31. Why are meal plans so expensive, we are not a 5-star restaurant, y’all?
  32. Why is our football coach worth more than our school?
  33. Why is our school so far from any civilization other than Tongy’s?
  34. Why are the landings under the stairs in Edwards considered sleeping areas?
  35. What another school can say they have anything similar to CINO Day?
  36. Am I the only one who reads the monthly event calendars on the back of the stalls?
  37. Is the wait at Student Health supposed to be another form of torture?
  38. Will the song Kanye, ever not be associated with Coastal?
  39. Who came up with “It’s not College, it’s Coastal?”
  40. Why does no one get that when we say Coastal we're talking about Coastal Carolina University?
  41. But seriously, why does parking suck?
  42. Why has it taken so long for our school to get any recognition!?