40 Positives And Negatives About Summer
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40 Positives And Negatives About Summer

Summer has it's good times...and it's bad.

40 Positives And Negatives About Summer
Sam Giardina

School is ending and it's finally time to move out and move back in to your hometown. You're excited because well, it's summer, but at the same time you're leaving some of the things you've become so used to at college. What are the positives and negatives of leaving college and coming home for the summer?


  1. Being tan
  2. Not having to study for that exam you were always stressing about
  3. Going to the beach whenever you’re not working
  4. Not having to wake up for that 8 AM stats class
  5. Not stressing about housing all semester
  6. Not worrying about having the fire alarm go off when you’re in the shower
  7. Having bonfires every night
  8. Seeing your hometown friends literally everyday
  9. Going on a summer vacation
  10. Not spending your entire sunday working on homework
  11. *For freshman* Having a car and not feeling trapped on campus
  12. Being able to have home cooked meals and not dining hall food
  13. Not having to sit through boring lectures all day
  14. Stay out until 2 AM and not regretting it the next morning
  15. Not being extremely broke
  16. Summer concerts
  17. Not feeling guilty about eating ice cream
  18. Being able to be outside without a winter jacket
  19. Watermelon
  20. Being able to have fun and not worry about your classes


  1. Not living with your roommate (If you actually like your roommate)
  2. Having to work back the money you blew during college
  3. Not seeing your college friends everyday
  4. Parents’ household rules
  5. Not living on your own anymore
  6. Sunburns
  7. Completely forgetting everything you learned in your classes
  8. Working when it’s extremely nice out
  9. Not being able to tan because you’re one of those pale kids
  10. Having to slow down while driving by the beach so you don’t hit any pedestrians
  11. Attempting long distance relationships
  12. Sweating literally 24/7
  13. Humidity is not a girl’s friend
  14. Bug bites and bee stings
  15. Not having a summer body
  16. Having way more free time then you thought you’d have
  17. Getting a summer internship
  18. Extremely weird tan lines
  19. Waking up way too early because of the sun
  20. Knowing that you have to go back to classes soon
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