4 Ways Cats Run Your Life
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4 Ways Cats Run Your Life

Don't let their cuteness deceive you.

4 Ways Cats Run Your Life
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Cats walk a fine line between domestication and the call of the wild. Coexisting with these creatures is more bearable if you have the right survival tips. Their vibrant personalities are sometimes what makes them worth owning in the first place, but that dynamic has some downsides.

#1 You're living with a fierce predator.

Even though they’re typically small creatures, they’re strength can be intimidating. Add that to a meat-ripping jaw equipped with razor-sharp teeth and precise claws to pin their target down and you’ll be glad they only unleash their wrath on critters a fraction of their size. Cat’s are assassins by nature, silent and swift while possessing effective night vision. Some fur patterns even employ camouflage fit for nocturnal missions, meaning they can lurk in the shadows while you flounder around for the light switch. The ninja capabilities are to be respected, especially considering they rarely use their talents out of pure obedience like their canine counterparts. Apparently, they value their comfort and instincts of independence more than whatever praise you can offer.

#2 They’re too smart for their own good.

Psychology Today said the brains of cats have an amazing surface folding and structure that is about 90% similar to ours. This could drive their curiosity of the world we brought them into, often getting them into difficult situations. Many cats seem to impulsively explore new spaces and their flexible physique allows them to reach some very remote areas. The trouble from this pioneering attitude is that it’s a lot easier for them to get into situations than it is to get out of them. Ever seen a cat book their way up a tree in two seconds, then spend the next two hours figuring out how they’ll get down? Another problem would be purely antagonistic. Many people wouldn’t appreciate having a cat that figured out how to unscrew a cap so it can steal your food.

#3 Cats aren’t afraid to shamelessly manipulate you.

It’s pretty obvious that many cats carry themselves with an annoyingly self-righteous sense of pride, often seeing most of our activities as a waste of their time. Some may interpret this dainty demeanor as them thinking they’re better than us. Similar to an abusive relationship, the pure repetition of this idea through their actions can lead you to play along until you may even start to believe it. But that just means they love you right? They’ll whine and cry when they want something from you, whether it be attention or a food refill even though you’re busy or it would be a direct violation of their diet schedule. It’s like raising a spoiled brat, meaning you must pick your battles and positively reinforce how to best coexist.

#4 Nobody loves them as much as you do.

They will make your significant other jealous. They will piss off your roommates. They will divide your attention from important projects, annoy finicky relatives when they visit, and destroy your chances to pick up that fine-looking character at the bar because of preexisting allergies. Putting up with all this makes the cherished cuddle sessions all the more enjoyable because of the knowledge that you endured so much strife in order to have them in your life. Loving an innocent creature allows a beautiful relationship to grow beyond a capacity many humans struggle to maintain, giving you a reason to enjoy coming home.

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