When you go to a big university, it gets hard finding places or the time where you could find time for yourself. The privacy you desire becomes hard to attain when everywhere you go you see someone you know or the busy-ness of college takes away the privacy you desire. Figuring out ways where you find your own alone time or allowing yourself to figure out your thoughts is sometimes necessary to help take away from the stress of college. These places or methods will help you attain the privacy you desire.

1. Writing in a journal.

Journal-writing allows you to express whatever emotion you are feeling and to process your thoughts to yourself. When you feel you need to figure out a situation by yourself or just need an outlet to express your feelings, journals are a good option to help you vent.

2. Finding a small but low-key place off-campus.

Finding you "own place" off-campus allows you to find alone time while studying or doing whatever you want to be doing while having your own privacy. Finding this place allows you to have time for yourself and create an environment where you are able to enjoy being alone.

3. Going for a run or walk.

Running or walking allows you to relieve your stress while having the time you need for yourself. Going out for a run/walk allows you to spend time with yourself and have the privacy you feel like you need.

4. Finding a study area other than the library.

The library is probably flooded with people you know, so the alone time you would achieve there would be pretty limited. Finding hidden places on campus that most people do not know about will give you the privacy and alone time you want.

College is a hard time to find alone time for yourself, and sometimes, it is necessary to be alone to help process your feelings or thoughts. Creating or finding an environment where you are able to find your own alone time is the key to privacy and peace.