4 Thoughts Every College has While Studying

4 Thoughts Every College has While Studying

Gather round sleep-deprived, caffeine-addicted friends!


1. Let's Do This

Whenever I first start studying or doing assignments, I feel great! I feel empowered and determined to complete each task on my to-do list!

2. How long is too long for a study break?

Inevitably after completing my first task I reward myself with either a YouTube video, Netflix episode, or short nap. However, once the break starts, it is hard for me to get motivated to keep working...

3. Why do my Professors hate me?

After forcing myself to do some work, I end up questioning everything, including why my professors assign things. I just end up wanting to give up and pig out on junk food like a lazy sack of potatoes. It is highly irrational and unproductive, but it is reality.

4. I'll just drop-out.

When hours have gone by and I still have unfinished readings and assignments, I have the daydream of laying on the couch all day and not attending classes (dropping out). However, laying on the couch does not a career make; therefore I push forth!

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