4 Things To Do Over Christmas Break
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4 Things To Do Over Christmas Break

(Because everyone makes lists of 10)

4 Things To Do Over Christmas Break
image drawn by Joseph Landon copying Dr. Seuss

For most college students at this time they have either just finished finals or are about to. We will then bid farewell to all of our awesome college mates, head home for Christmas break, let out a deep breath, flop onto the nearest flat surface (the floor will do if a couch isn't handy), and sleep. A lot. Once the initial 48 hours or so of sleep is done we are than presented with a quandary: all the time in the world and no homework to fill it with. The studious ones among us will promptly scream in despair and throw themselves out a window. As for the other people (those like me who are done pretending we are studious people, at least until next semester) we will make the most of this freedom. For each individual their approach to making the most of the aforementioned freedom will be radically different, but hear are a few things you might consider.

#1 Go spend time with all the awesome people at home that you have been neglecting!

I can't speak for the rest of the college student population, but I know I have been rather disconnected with both my family and friends back home during the course of the semester. I also happen to be a commuter student so its not even as if I am a couple hundred miles away and have much of an excuse (gosh, Joseph what a horrible person you are neglecting your family that you happen to still live with). Take some time to hang out with that brother or sister (in my case those many brothers and sisters). Make a cake for your mom for no reason except that she is awesome. Go do something with your friends, I'm sure you can think up something. If not, then keep reading because I already have thought up several (just wait a moment I will get to them eventually).

#2 Go see those movies that you have been missing!

You were just pretending to be studious remember? Surely you didn't have time to watch all the latest movies? Oh. You watched them anyway? Even though you had that paper due at midnight? Yup. You did. Nevertheless, I am sure that some of you might have restrained yourselves. I am here to tell you that the wait is over. Your done! (till next semester at least) You can now go see all those awesome movies and the best part is that you can use them as an excuse to hang out with friends and family as well (I told you I had ideas on that, but wait it gets better). Not to mention Star Wars comes out in a few days. For those of you who like me are to cheap to do things without a coupon, go get a moviepass membership for a month. It will save your pocketbook from a certain demise.

#3 Go read those books you have been ogling for the last few months!

Okay, I admit I am a little bit peculiar in that I like to bury my head in books for hours on end when I don't actually need to do it for some assignment. Surely I am not the only one who feels that way though? If you have made it this far into my absurd article then you must like reading at least a bit. If not, well than I have tricked you into reading anyway. (insert evil chuckle) If you are at loss as to what books you should read (Notice the plural on books, yes I expect you to read several of them) then go check out my list of books that you should buy for people for Christmas. I am sure there is at least a few on there that you have neglected to read (unless you are my older sister Lucy, in which case you probably have read them all and more). I personally plan on reading the Lord of the Rings over again as I haven't yet done my annual reading of it this year. Once you finish reading a book go shove it on one of your friends. I am sure they could do with a little bit more reading; you can also pass it off as spending time with them therefore fulfilling the first thing you need to do (just wait there is more where that one came from).

#4 Go cook something!

Tis the season as the saying goes. During the hassle of the semester you have most likely not had the time or resources necessary to properly bake that wonderful food that can only come from the home kitchen. Now is your opportunity! Go make those brownies, Christmas cookies, cakes, or whatever else tickles your fantasy. Take some of those aforementioned cookies to the neighbors (just keep the burned ones to yourself... and perhaps a few of the less black ones as well). Make dinner for your family so your mother doesn't have to. Or if you are one of those people that don't have the privilege of living in their parents basement (pizza tastes better there by the way) you can invite friends to your place to eat your culinary masterpieces (lets face it, I'm gonna find a way to jam the first point in there somewhere no matter the event). After all, Christmas isn't the same without those tantalizing smells in the kitchen. One tip: put candy canes in everything. They make anything taste better.

I originally intended to have 10 of these, but everyone does 10. 4 is much less commonplace (and I am incorrigibly lazy) Perhaps I will make a part 2 to bring the total up to 7 and a half. No promises though.

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