4 Struggles of having curly hair
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4 Struggles of having curly hair

Curly hair: A blessing and a curse

4 Struggles of having curly hair

Having curly hair is the true definition of a blessing and a curse. It’s so pretty and unique, but the maintenance is out of this world.

Disclaimer: I’m not talking about the slight curl in people’s hair when they get out of the shower, or the beach waves that appear after you’ve sprayed them with salt water. I’m talking about comb eating, ferociously frizzy curly hair that causes you nothing but trouble when doing anything and everything.

  1. I most certainly did NOT wake up like this. When you wake up, your routine consists of more than just brushing it. If you want to wear your hair down, it becomes a whole process. Usually that process involves a silk head scarf or a very meticulous morning routine with an excess amount of products and time.
  2. It breaks the bank. Hair product is exceptionally expensive. But if I happen to find a product that gives my hair that special bounce, it’s worth it. I would put down every cent to my name, take out a loan and pay BOTTOM DOLLAR for a good hair product. I take my hair condition very seriously.
  3. The more you touch her the more irritable she gets. My hair has a personality and she does not like to be told what to do. So when people ask to touch it, the answer will be 100% no. Not only do I not want your crusty fingers in my hair, my hair doesn’t want to make contact with your gross fingers. So back off. It’s her choice, not mine. Also, if your fingers do end up making contact with my hair, there is a 9/10 chance they will get stuck.
  4. Taming it takes a crowd. When I do my hair, I set aside time. I can’t just nonchalantly decide to do my hair, alone. I need a crew. I have to have my comb, my conditioner, my leave in conditioner, a clean silk pillow case, the list goes on. Now I’d say that I’ve got the routine down pretty quick, took lots of practice. But, still requires a lot of supplies and focus.

Growing up I always struggled with my curly hair, I hated it. I would wish and pray for straight luscious locks. With time, (and many self-affirming compliments) I began to appreciate it and realize how unique it really is. To all my ladies out there, LOVE your curly girlies and let them be free and blow in the wind just like they do in the Pantene commercials.

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