Finally, it's summer, something all college students have been waiting for. I know, I have to say the least. But, just like every summer, there is a time where I fall into a rut. And, all of us fall into the summer slowness that makes the days feel like they are dragging on for months. Not sure if you are a victim of the summer rut? If you can relate to any of these signs or think of your own to add, then, you are truly, inescapably caught in a summer rut.

1. You're scrolling through social media for hours and waiting for your feed to update

I am so guilty of this during the summer. There are times where I get sucked into social media, and then, before I know it, I've already reached the point where I am seeing things again. When you realize this and go to refresh your feed, it's been two hours. (Where does the time go?) But even still, you don't care because you are bored out of your mind.

2. You never get past talking about plans

Remember when you promised your friend that you two would actually go do that really fun thing in the summer? But, at this point, it's all talk? Yeah, at this point in the summer, everything is up in the air, and everything is constantly being discussed. In regards to the plans actually working out, well, that's another story. No matter how many cool ideas you have, the probability of them happening is probably smaller than normal.

3. You are also stuck in a creative rut

If you're artistic or if you just have a creative hobby, sometimes the summer rut brings its friend along: "The Creative Rut." What makes this suck more than usual is that your creative outlet is a way back into normalcy. At least, for me it is. But, it also helps to have something positive to pass the time.

4. You are desperately waiting for school to start

Even though no one wants to admit it, this is the point where you're begging for school to start again. Anything at this point is a welcome change to your boredom. But, the moment school becomes a reality, you'll be wishing school is over again.

Summer ruts are always really painful to go through. Like I mentioned, days seem slower, and you just want it to end. But, if you manage to find your way out, you should still be able to salvage what's left of your summer.